Heart attack

Tyler runs away from home cause of her step father abuse. She finds no where to go, as she went and sat at the bench. A cute boy , I mean zayn comes, and take her to his home. What will happen? Will they be together?


3. When troubles start

David pov:

 can't believe she went away! How dare her!? I swear iam gonna kill her. When I was checking the newspaper, a big grin formed in my face. Bingo, found her!

tyler pov:

a week past since we know each other. It was their vacation from "work". So we could have together. Suddenly I could hear the most voice I never wanted to hear"where is she!" My dad ,no!! I cried. Then I went down slowly."please leave them alone" I said. He grabs me by the shirt and took me out. I pushed and hit and smacked, but nothing could stop him. Zayn and the guys came and stood in front of them."no please" I pleaded. I don't want this to happen. "If you think you are leaving the yes you are, but with her, the answer is no!" Zayn said rudely." You already got a boy didn't you!" He hits me in my stomach. It hurts so much. I couldn't stop the pain."you bitch!" As Liam went with a fail try, to hit him, but instead he got shot!"no!" I cried. I cried so heavily, and I couldn't stop seeing the horror face of the guys.why is it fucking happening to me? Why can't I live a normal life. Niall sat next to Liam as he presses the blood inside Liam's body. Both of them covered with my blood, and I almost vomited."please dad leave them." I said looking down. He raised his arm to slap me, but instead he got shot. By who? I turned and saw the police there.he fell at the ground dead, which caused me to fall. The ambulance was already here for me and for Liam.

Zayn pov:

i can't believe what the fuck happened here. I thought she is finally having a nice times, but he must to come. I looked at Liam body. We were all at the ambulance. Their wasn't a dry eye. Our best mate and the girl I love are going to hospital, so how we are gonna react!? Their was a deadly silence in the air."we need to drive him fast to the operation room" the doc said. Wow we are already here? I really don't remember. We nod, as I covered my face with my hands. Niall was so close to Liam, and I could feel he is the most hurt here. Tyler is fine, after all she got a little problem there, and over there, but it is fine. Now it is Liam will he be fine? Would we can see him? 

3 hours later:

The doc finally came. We were waiting there, everyone stood, as the doc start to talk, Niall asked,"is he fine?" He almost screamed it. "Well he is fine. But he is in a coma. And about Tyler she is fine, she is waiting for you guys in Liam's room. " we all nod, as we ran to Liam room. Hope filling our heart for our friend and mate..

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