Heart attack

Tyler runs away from home cause of her step father abuse. She finds no where to go, as she went and sat at the bench. A cute boy , I mean zayn comes, and take her to his home. What will happen? Will they be together?


1. Running away

Tyler pov:

 "Tyler!" My step-dad voice rang from downstairs. No please no. Tears streamed down my eyes, as the door open fiercely at my face. Which causes me to fall hard at my bum. "you bitch! It isn't over!" As he grabs me roughly from the floor, and took a knife from his pocket. I screamed in horror, as I saw it run in my flesh. Tears ran in my eyes, as he went to his room. My arm was hurting so badly, it was already bleeding heavy. Be strong Tyler. As I carried myself to the window and fell hard at my back. I could hear screams from my room, no need for waiting. As I ran very fast, and went in many corners, as I heard my dad voice. No, please. As tears run in my checks to my shirt. My arm is loosing a lot of blood. Iam not hearing steps, I thought iam safe as I sat in the bench. How my arm hurts. It hurts so badly. Then I saw a figure I front me. No please not my dad! It was dark so I couldn't see, as everything went black.

zayn pov:

 I am having my normal night walk, as I saw a girl crying. She had her arm full of blood. I thought of help, as I got closer to her. When I came closer, she fainted. Iam a man, and I mean it. If a girl is crying, shouldn't I save her? Shouldn't I at least help her. I carried her in a bride style all the way to the hospital. This is the first place she needs to go.

 The doctors said she need to have a surgery. What caused her arm this? Was she trying to kill herself? Or someone did? She looks beautiful, and her eyes are dark brown like chocolate.i want her all mine. The doctors came with a smile."she is fine. She isn't a wake. She is waiting for her hero" as he winked at me."thank doc" as I ran to her room. She look even way better than I remember." Are you the one who brought me here?" Her beautiful eyes. I nod, as I sat next to her. She smiles at me."thank you" I looked at her. "Can I drive you home?" Her eyes turn upside down. As she started to cry again. Oh no..good job zayn..

tyler pov:

i cried so much remembering my dad, and the knife, and everything."can I tell you?" I asked with a concern look. He nods"tell me everything love, iam with you in every step" "my dad abuses me daily. Today he stabbed me at my arm."I said looking at it. It hurts baldy, but a little bit better." Today I tried to escape from my dad. And then I fell at the bench" he touched my hand, " you can come with me, and we are gonna see what we do next.ok?" "No I don't want to bother you anymore" he looks down at my hand, as he grabbedmy hand."no you will come please" I nod. He looks so handsome and very beautiful. 

Zayn pov:

the doctors said she will be fine going out  today. I walked her to my car after taking her medicine."so, iam not living alone, I live with my mates" she looked at me. That eyes.."yeah it's fine" I heard her stomach growl. I giggle as she did too."hungry?" She nod. Adorable. Iam already falling for her. We grabbed the food, from somewhere near, to the way of home. The home wasn't far, so we reached pretty fast. Her first reactions was not believing her eyes. Then she looked at me, then to the house."I know it is biggggg" I exaggerated the "g" she laughs, as we entered to the home. Everyone was sitting at the tv. "Guys come!" I screamed. She giggles as they boys came. "Who is that?" Liam asked pointing at her." She will stay with us for now. No questions aacceptable. Just introduce yourself and have fun!" They all giggled. And here we start with the beautiful girl. "Hey what's your name?" I wispered to her."Tyler" nice name I said. She smile and kiss me at the check. I blushed at the moment. Sexy girl

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