Heart attack

Tyler runs away from home cause of her step father abuse. She finds no where to go, as she went and sat at the bench. A cute boy , I mean zayn comes, and take her to his home. What will happen? Will they be together?


4. Jealousy

Tyler pov:

 the boys came in with a blast of happiness seeing me and Liam. Liam woke up 2 Mins ago, so they shouldn't make all the drama. Zayn hugged me and kisses me passionately "I missed u" I nod while I keep on kissing. "Have a room" Louis chirped in. He is so dead. I wish everying will come back to normal.

louis pov:

After taking the medicines we went to home. Liam wanted rest, so we helped him to go up the stairs till his room. To be honest...I love her. Her golden smile, her long eyelashes, the awesome eyes. She is perfect in a way or another. Jealously fills my body."so buddy do u love her?" I asked him, when we are alone. He nods, while playing in the Xbox. I could see he wasn't concentrating with me. "What would you tomorrow?" "Shopping" cool... Yeah afterall he has no clothes. I played a fun game against him, as Tyler joined us.did I told you, she is super good?! "No u are not. You aren't wining at me. Aren't you?" She giggles at my comment. Then within seconds I lost."no way" "yes way" she giggles, while zayn turns her around and kiss her. Jealousy can't leave me alone. I need to sleep, I said loudly enough. As I left my the game room, I went to my bed, threw my clothes in a pile in the ground, and thought of her, and only her.


zayn pov:

"What is the secret of ur winnings?" "Secret" she giggles, and hug me. What's wrong with Lou anyway? He acted wierd from yesterday, from the incident of Tyler.is he in love with her?! "Iam sleepy" "me too" as we both went to bed. We cuddled for good five mins, and headed sleeping 

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