Wooly Ninjas

The adventures of a sheep named Pom Pom and his best friend, Rambo the friesian horse who by day, are ordinary farm animals living on Apple Tree farm... But by night, they're out fighting evil with their ninja skills (well, Pom Pom's... Rambo's still being train by Pom Pom)


1. Apple Tree Farm

Pom Pom lived on Apple Tree Farm with his mum, Baabara and his brother, Shaun in the barn next to the stables and riding school where his best friend Rambo, the friesian horse lived with his mum, Snowflake and his twin sister, Beauty. Despite being different animals and living in separate parts of the farm, Pom Pom and Rambo made the effort to see eachother every day and their mums were best friends too.

Pom Pom and Rambo had a secret hideout underneath the sand school at the riding school, where Pom Pom would train Rambo and improve his ninja skills so that they could go out and help to save the world. The only people that knew and will ever know about Pom Pom being a ninja and training Rambo were themselves, Rambo and Pom Pom and their friend, Bruno the fjord pony because Pom Pom got too excited about being a ninja by inheritance, he couldn't keep his mouth shut, so he told Rambo and Bruno. Bruno occasionally joins Pom Pom and Rambo on their adventures , but he often stayed at home and looked after his family. He was a great friend to Pom Pom and Rambo and he promised to keep their secret.

Pom Pom found out his destiny to be a ninja around a year ago, and that is where this story begins...

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