My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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14. The Best Birthday Gift!

 While we were cutting the cake I remembered that Zayns birthday is tomorrow. January 11 is today which is my bday and his birthday is January 12! I bought the present already. It was perfect. When we were almost done cutting the humongous cake, I find a mini glass case in the cake with a red box in it. Everybody was snickering and jumping up and down. Zayn took the box and got on his knees. No! This can't be true!!!!!!! ( A/N- My name is Yasmin so now I'm fan girling now of what's gonna happen!) " Miss.Yasmin Ahmed, will you be my Mrs.Malik?" WHAT! No! I'm dreaming this cant be happen! But this moment is heaven! Everybody was looking at us intensely. But I don't have a job so how will I take care of me and him. He's fucking rich but…but… His eyes were about to sting with tears just because I wasn't saying anything. "I…I… will be your… Mrs. Malik!" Zayn put the ring on my left ring finger! Sammy gave a bucket of flowers to everybody while Zayn crashed into my lips. They threw flower petals. We fed everybody the cake. I wanted to feed Zayn last and so did he. When he was feeding me he put cake on my face. I chased him. He was laughing like crazy! Everybody was having a cake fight. Even the principal and my teachers! I felt alittle tired. I ran back quietly so he wouldn't know but right when I was about to run he grabbed my waist and swinged me! It was fun. We ran in. Now everybody was waiting for me to feed him. I put half of the huge chunk in his hair and the rest I threw it in his face! We had a food fight again. Then the lights went off I jumped into his arms. Why is this happening. 10 seconds later the lights turn on and the floor is cleaned up. All of the couples were in a position. The couples are Sammy+Harry, Uncle Paul+Kendy, Ziam+Perrie, and the rest of Zayns friends with there girlfriends. The single ladies and the single men just stepped aside. There was a spot light on each of the couples but there was one big one in the middle of the dance floor just for me and my fiancé! A slow song came on. Then all of a sudden a salsa song came. Everybody was doing the same steps but the single peeps were just dancing like Zayn does when he's drunk! The steps were very seductive.  "Stop everyone! I want to do something!" Everybody stopped but a low soft song came on for the background. The spot lights were now on us. Everybody was around us in a circle. I went on my knees. This felt kind of weird. "I was about to do this tomorrow for your Bday but, will you be my husband for the rest of our lives?" Everybody started saying 'awe!' He just gave me his hand playfully and I put it on his ring finger. After that we went in the big theater room. Sammy is pretty rich. Everybody let us sit in the front row. I picked a horror movie. I am never scared of horror movies.  Zayn fell asleep on my shoulder. I then fell asleep on his.

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