My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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13. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Zayn got out of the place where he kidnapped me. He started running! What the hell! Good thing I have sneakers. I was taking a shortcut that I always used to use. When I was running I found Perrie bleeding! She hit a brick wall. She was beautiful. Lavender hair, hoop earrings, and perfect makeup. I couldn't hate her any more! She's mental. I had to save her. She was still conscious. "Please save me!!!" She sounded normal instead of mental. Maybe the brick took action of her head. I put her arm around my shoulder. When we reached the hospital I hade 20 missed calls from Sammy, 80 missed calls from Kendy, and 190 missed calls from Zayn. Ughhhh! People!

...... Two hours later ......

I bailed her out of the hospital. "I'm not mental anymore!" "No you aren't perrie!" She looked at me shocked. "How do you know my name?" I told her the whole story about how she kissed Zayn. I told her my name and how I'm Zayns girlfriend and how he used to bully me. " Becareful! He drinks and smokes. Once he took a drug and he…he…" She started crying. " It's okay Pear! He still does drink and smokes but he's a nice person. I know he was an asshole of how he bullied me but he loved me! Lets go to my house and rest!" I took her to the house. I got out my keys and when we entered the house the lights were off. They fucken forgot to turn the lights on. When I turned the lights on I heard a, "Surprise!" There I see Sammy, Zayn,Kendy,Uncle Paul,Zayns friends(Harry,Louis,Niall,Liam!), Some of my teachers, an old lady who I think is the new school principal, Zayns family(Mom,Dad,Safaa,Walhiya,Doniya), and My ex who who is now my friend, Ziam(See what I did there!). They did know my birthday! "Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't get you a present!" Perrie said. I hugged everybody including Perrie and Ziam. Wehad some drinks and we got alittle drunk even though some of us were under aged such as Sammy and me. I turned on the radio and my favorite song I Love It by Icona Pop came on. Sammy and Harry were grinding against each other. Nobody cared! Uncle Paul and Kendy were grinding together. Next I see Ziam and Perrie making out in the little "Make out booth"! They do look cute together! Zayn took me out of the house and he started kissing me. He was the second drunkest person. Uncle Paul was alittle too drunk! He started kissing me. He holded my chest. I felt uneasy. I stopped but then he pushed me to the ground and said, "You don't stop until I tell u to!" I was back to myself. When he brought me back to his lips I smelled his breath. I could tell how much glasses of beer he had. I had 2 and he had 5! I started crying because when he pushed I scraped my elbows. I showed it to him and he kissed my elbows. He went back to kissing me. I squirmed. I love him but I didn't want this now. I gave him a big hickey to stop him. Hey, it stopped him last time. But then he whispered in my ears, "Hickeys turn me on...…" I groaned. After 2 minutes of forced kissing he looked at me. His cheeks got red and his pupils got smaller. Perrie told me if he did that he's back to himself. I hugged him and he whispered a sorry. He saw my elbows he ran in the house secretly and got bandages. After he put them on everybody got back to them selves. Zayn got out a cake for me. He got a knife, candles, and a lighter. He prepared the cake. He gave me the knife. "Zayn,hold it with me!" I whispered every body yelled out happy birthday when me and Zayn were cutting the cake.


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