My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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16. Sleepover!!!!!!!

  Yay! It's the sleepover! The girls and I put on our pjs. We had to wear a robe because we don't have any pjs so it was just our bra and short shorts! The boys can't come because it is for girls! We were at Eleanor's house for the sleepover! I baked red velvet cookies! It is so good! It's like a cupcake but its flat and round! We ate our cookies and then we went to the dance studio! We tightened our robes and then we were jamming to blurred lines! While we were dancing somebody was knocking on the door! I opened it then I saw 5 girls! "Hi my name is Veronica!" She sounded like Zayn… but I don't think the would do that! "My name is leeroy!" It sounded like a boy and leeroy is a boys name! But my friends name is James so that could be a gal! "My name is Louis…iana!" She sounded like a girl but she had pretty big biceps!and then I got introduced to Harriana and Nialia! They said that they heard the music so they wanted to dance too! They were dressed in robes too! After millions of songs it was time for makeup! We removed our makeup but the girls said they didn't have any! We did makeovers! We warmed up pop corn! We had a singing contest! The girls… had familiar voices! It was time to sleep! Veronica said they don't like taking off their robes. since we were all girls they didn't mind! They all stare fat our cleavage! "Oh sorry! We don't have that much of a body!" Leeroy said. We told scary stories! We fell asleep but I pretended to fall asleep! My eyes were just closed! After too hours I felt a hand on my purple lace bra! I opened my eyes and then I saw Zayn about to take off my shorts! The others were about to do the same! I slapped him! And screamed! The girls woke up! "AUAUGGGHHH!" We got our pillows and we had a pillow fight! The boys carried the girls in other rooms! They were like, "Save me!" It was only me and Zayn I one room. I was about to put on my robe but Zayn ran to it and ripped it! Uh oh! I took the duvet and made a reallylittle dress! But he came closer and he ripped it off. He pushed me on the bed and started giving me love bites. I don't moan that easily so I just squirmed! He looked into my eyes and he kissed my lips. Dirtyly! He cupped his hands on my breast and squeezed. That made me moan. He went to my shorts and took them off wich revealed my underwear. He took them off. But I put on like 3 pairs of undies if they crashed the party.he was about to turn my back and take off the bra. Uh oh. He did but I put on one more pair. He unhooked that one too but then I said, "we aren't married. U do it this marriage is broken!" He didn't take me seriously so he took it off. I took a pillow and covered my pair. I put my Perries brothers number on speed dial because he's like my older bro. He's so bulky! Like hulk! He got alittle scared but he snatched my phone. I ran into the bathroom and saw some clean clothes. I put them on and I got out of the window. I hurt my knee so badly! I took scissors with me and I cut the net of an open window. I saw the girls come out the same window. I guess they had that plan too! We all were wearing clothes. Good thing we did! We went to Danielle's house and locked the door. We heard glass shatter. We saw 5 boys with only boxers in front of us. We started shivering. They carried us and put us in a room together. They locked us up. That's it! I broke the window. We each took a price of glass and cut our selves! "What are you doing!" I heard Zayn panic. Somebody was twisting the knob and then I holded the knob so they couldn't open it! I put a big shelf so they couldn't open it. We jumped out of the windows. And then ran to my house. Danielle's house was like a block away from mine so we ran. Sammy put in the key in the knob and we got in. We decided to have the sleepover here!

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