My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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17. Second Direction

  Now One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' was out! What's Second Direction? It's the girlfriends of them. El, Dani, Sammy, Charlie, and me got to go to the Ex Factor. But there is one secret. I'm not Zayn's girlfriend! Don't you think we should be married or engaged? No! He broke our marriage for Ex Factor! He cheated on me for a sleazy girl! The media forced me to be his 'girlfriend'. We aren't together. He begs me to be with him but he just wants to get in my pants and leave! We had a concert today. We were doing some mash ups and remixes with 1D. I friends with the other boys but… Zayn is not even in my heart anymore. I bet he's still dating that girl! While we were singing remixes we had to do romantic dances! Ugh! I would have sued management but then I would reveal the truth about mine and Zayns relationship. I love my second directioners! I was backstage now with some fans who got backstage passes. They were awfully loud. Whatever! I hear someone screaming. Niall. I run into there dressing room and I saw Zayn on the floor. I bet he's playing a trick. I am gonna play along. I started fake crying and I pecked him on the temple. I didn't really mean to do that. I kissed his arm and bit it, making him scream. "Stop faking because its never gonna work! Niall, we are like BFFs! Why would u do this?" Niall looked like he was about to cry me a river so Liam came and he sang the song, 'Cry Me a River'. I rolled my tear filled eyes and hugged Niall and pecked him on his forehead. He's like a younger brother. I'm Zayns age so Louis is my older brother and Harry, Louis, and Liam are my little brothers! Zayn just looked at me like I was the one who cheated him! Bitch! I know you peeps are hating me for calling him that but you guys won't understand! We had to go on stage and do our thang. A million fans were screaming. Ugh! I touched people's hands and they were like fainting. I was walking at the front of the stage when somebody pulled my leg. My head hit the bloody hard wood stage. Zayns sleazy girl some how got in the stage area! Zayn went backstage with her and I ran back with them. I quietly heard their conversation. " Listen, if you want to be together with me than don't do this! She will never except me! She's pregnant with my baby! You should break up with me! I ordered her test and now she's pregnant! She doesn't know! Please brook you have to understand!" "But I love you!" "BROOK SHE IS PREGNANT." My face turned into stone. My body froze. I'm pregnant.



After the night of our girls sleepover we went to the club with the boys. We got drunk. We went on the dancefloor and we started dancing. We all grinded against our boys. Zayn carried me into a secret room. I said no. He said yes. That's when it happened. He went in my veins.


Zayn was getting out of the room but I caught his hand. My eyes were stinging. Not with tears but with anger. "Love! Your heads bleeding!" He ran to get a first aid box. I couldn't move. I looked at my shirt. I touched my cold flat and toned belly. Zayn came with some medicine. I looked into his big eyes. He was about to leave before I holded his hand and pushed him an a chair. " how many months have I been pregnant." He looked at me. He looked surprised. " si…si…six months." I looked at him and then my stomach"why did you hide this." I asked with a blank face. He ran to the stage. I felt a kick. Two kicks at the same time. If its twins I'm gonna kill him. I was about to do a quick makeup fix but then I felt a cramp. I took off the stupid ass bandage and let it bleed. I want to die. I felt dizzy. I fainted. I hit my head and my stomach. " Louis!" He took care of me like I'm his actual little sister. I was conscious and I didn't go unconscious. Louis came and helped me up and kisses my head and my stomach. " Why did I feel a kick?" He asked. I looked at Zayn. He was crying in the corner. He saw my head. "Ask my fake boyfriend!" My mic was on. Hope the fans didn't hear that. " ZAYN! DID YOU DO THIS TO MY SISTER?" Louis and Eleanor asked. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Eleanor, Dani, Sammy, and Charlie gave me a group hug. I put my head on Liam's shoulder while putting my hand on Charlie's forehead. They are the best! I went up to Zayn and he had a pleading face. " I will take care of MY baby alone. You won't interfere in my life. Backstage when you took that brook girl I wanted to give you a chance but to bad. Go back to her! I will get married and lead in a good life!" I ran and got the first aid kit and bandaged my head once again. I went to my screaming fans and then the rest of them came. The boys were singing songs for us. Zayn picked the song 'They Don't Know About Us'. Perfect song. They don't know I hate him. They don't know he's the father if my child. They don't know I still have this stupid engagement ring stuck on my finger. I secretly took it off and gave it to somebody. It was a teen who was pregnant. She screamed and waved it. Zayn saw it. God damn. He took my hand and saw my finger. The only rings I had. Was a ring from my mom and then another from my dad. He was about to get back the ring before I tripped his foot and he fell in the girls lap. Hilarious! They started singing. Zayns solo came so he went up the stage and looked right at me. Actually at my tummy. Oh no! He is not cursing my tummy. I went up stage and shook hands with some of the fans hands. I felt like I was about to go and hug him. I needed embrace. I hopped off stage and I hugged teen. She was shocked. She put my hand on her stomach. I felt three kicks at different areas. Triplets. I hugged a few isles. I'm so tired. A little girl put her hand on my stomach. Two kicks came out. Uh oh. I tensed up and smiled and kisses her forehead. She was about to die. I took some little girls and teens to the stage to dance. All of them were like screaming. I picked a girl. She had on a cap that had covered her face. I picked her. She dodged to my stomach and dug her finger nails in my stomach. I whispered in her ear, " Brook we could be friends! I will get you back with Zayn. I don't need him! He's not the father of my baby. I won't let him be!" She took her cap off and showed me her watery eyes. She hugged me. I patted her dry blond hair. She went backstage with me. I let the bodygaurd Dawn let her in. She cleaned up my stomach and got a bandage wrap. She put her head by my stomach." I heard 2 heart beats! It's twins!" Shit! I'm now gonna have two of his children. I went on stage and Zayn picked irresistible. I always spell that word wrong! Zayns solo came on. He looked right at me. Every time he touched my lips, fingertips, and eyes. He had to peck me on the lips when my kiss was unmissable. I know it is. I got lost in his eyes. I felt like I should forgive him. Brook came on the stage and said, "forgive him!" I should! I can't live without him. In the middle of his solo I crashed into his lips. He looked at me wide eyed. I turned to brook and she told him, " She forgives u!" He finished his solo while slow dancing with me. We did remixes. After we were done we went backstage with our sweaty selves. " I love Zayn." I said and then I pecked his lips. Every body understood that I forgave him so the were happy. Second direction will never break up with one direction!

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