My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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8. My First Date

 I wakeup in the morning. I smell waffles! I go downstairs. "Hi sweety! I'm back from work. Since you guys don't have school because your principal died I thought I should make pancakes. It was Sammy's mom. Her parents aren't divorced. "Thank you aunty Kendall! Where is Sammy?" "She's on a date." "Oh thanks! I'm gonna go on a date but I don't want you to be alone!" " It's okay. I have your uncle with me! Now go and eat your waffles!" I brush my teeth and eat my waffles. I take a shower and I curl my hair and put it in a curly updo. I get ready. I just put-on some concealer, eyeliner, blush, and my favorite tinted lip balm. I'm wearing my summer strapless dress with shorts and I get out small hoop earrings. Zayn came with his car. Why am I wearing all this? Because I know he will never take me to a club because he knows I'm not that kind of girl."Bye aunty Kendall!" I get out of the house. "You look beautiful!" My man compliments. " Where the hell are we going? " You don't need that word you know! We're goin to Starbucks! "The same one where I dumped coffee on you?" " yuperooni!" We drive and drive and drive. We finally reach Starbucks! "Hello, may I take your order?" The waiter asks " Could you get me a mocha and this lady a blueberry smoothie?" The waiter leaves. I wonder how he knows that I like there blueberry smoothies. Whatev! Once we get our order a girl comes up to Zayn. WHAT. THE. HELL " Hey Zayn. Don't you miss me?" " Im sorry Yazzy but this is my ex,Lin." Ugghh! Of course he had an ex! She kisses him on the nose. " I think Im YOUR ex Zayn!" I leave. Wait! I forgot to do my job! I go back and you guys know I'm an expert beverage dumper so now Lins hair is covered with smoothie." Le go Zayn!" I go in his car. " That was the worst date ever babe! I'm sorry" " It's okay! I know how to make and end this date better!" "How?" "Like this!" I jump into his seat and kiss him. I start pulling his hair. He inserts his tongue into my mouth. I go back to my seat. " Let's go home! Then we can start!" We go home.

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