My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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3. He's Starting The Bullying

    AUUUUUUGGHHHH! That ass bumped into me! I couldn't find my first period, history, so I asked that sexy guy.. wait! I'm falling for him! I really need to stop. '' Do you know where history class is?'' He started smirking. '' Go in and turn left. There'll be a class door with a butterfly on it. That is the room." ''Thanks." When I was starting to walk he slapped my ass! SMACK! I slapped him. " You'll regret it!" He yells back. "Then don't smack my ass!'' "You're ugly anyways" ''Then why did you do that?'' I beat him in this little conversation! "Oh and by the way loser, my name is Zayn Malik and I will make you remember my name even when you die and you'll die with my bare arms!" "My name is Yasmin Ahmed and I will turn your life into hell!" I walk away and I go to my class. I see Zayn coming in. seriously!!?? I have classes with him! "Hello Yasmin!" My teacher greets. "Class, this is our new student Yasmin Ahmed! Yasmin, you'll be sitting at the back with Zayn!" Now my life is full of bull shit. When I sit next to him he starts kicking my leg. He kicked hard. I tried to hold my tears from the pain. I looked at my leg and I had a big bruise. "Zayn, stop!" I whisper. He stopped.Then he held my hand. Not in a soft romantic way but a painful violent way. I started squeezing his hand just to make him go away. He turned red! He let go. "Okay! Class is over. Take your homework!" I take my homework and books and go to my locker. I feel a tap on my shoulder. .I thought it was Sammy. "Sam... what do you want Zayn!?" Zayn was the one who tapped me on the shoulder. He holds my wrist. "Let me go! Stop being such a bitch and leave me alone!" He starts pulling me into gymnasium. "Now listen you little slut, I don't like you and that's the truth. Just because I did all of that it doesn't mean I like you."  He came so close to me I thought he was about to kiss me! He pushes me into the wall and his body was blocking me. I tried to run from the side but he blocked me with his arm. I had an idea. I'm gonna give him a hickey! Not that I like him but I really need to go to Sammy.I give him a hickey and he backs away from me. I run. Hey,I'm fast as lightning but he caught me. He gave me a slap and bites my neck. I cry. Sammy finds me and slaps Zayn so hard he actually ran away from her! "It's okay! I'll protect you like you protect me!" I feel a lot safer with this awesome girl! Sammy and I know Zayn is gonna bully me and nobody could stop him.

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