My Bully From Bradford

Hi! My name is Yasmin. I live with my friend Sammy. Why? It's the usual story. I'm an orphan. I go to Bradford High. After I broke up with my boyfriend I'm not that popular as before. Of course I get bullied. Will I fall in love with my bully?

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7. Friends?

I wake up in the morning tied to chair and I had tape on my mouth. I was kidnapped! Zayn came in the mysterious room. He pulled the tape off my mouth. " Why are you doing this to me?" " Because I love you!" I froze. He untied me. He made me stand up and he got on his knees. Uh oh. He got out a beautiful diamond ring. " Yasmin, will you be my girlfriend?" "I'm sorry Zayn but could we start out as friends?" He gave me puppy eyes. They were so cute! " Fine but don't blame me if I find a girlfriend!" He started laughing like crazy. I knew he was sweet and soft in the inside! I gave him  a hug. I was giving a friendly hug but he was giving something else!  "Zayn you're going alittle to far!"Now we are friends!

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