Mystery, passion... and how dreaming can lead you to ruin.


1. Ribbons

I rode my stead along the highway,

No one seemed to come up my way,

The sun had died away.

 Crying away,

The empty, lonely night.

I dreamed of caravans far away,

Bright colours, sunlight long away.

A girl with flaming hair up and away,

A girl with ribbons, ribbons in her hair.


She hung in my mind like a golden dream,

Making the rest of my journey seem,

As if the blue sky was back with clouds of cream,

In the gloom of the stale night.

I meandered on through woods and streams,

Around the entire world it seemed,

And did not notice the cries, the screams,

Until it was all too late.

 I saw her face, I reached, I missed, I fell.





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