The One

Jaid is a girl with no family. Her dad mysteriously vanished two years ago, and then her mum went insane. She got kicked out of her apartment by her jerk of a landlord, Rufus Smiths, and then had nowhere to live. She was on her own, wandering through her homeland of Ireland, until he finds her.


7. Truth or Dare

Niall's P.O.V
  I asked the guys and Jaid if they wanted to play a game. Louis shouted "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" So we played truth or dare. Lou spun the bottle and it landed on Harry. "Truth or Dare Hazza???" Lou asked. "DARE!!" Harry shouted. "So.... Switch clothes with.....LIAM!!" Lou shouted. "For how long?" Liam groaned. "Two rounds!" Lou replied.

Jaid's P.O.V
  It was so funny seeing Harry and Liam switch clothes! I burst out laughing when they cam out of their rooms. "THIS IS SO GOING ON TWITTER!!!" Louis yelled. Hazza and Liam groaned. I looked at them like I was confused and asked "What's Twitter?" They were all very surprised." Don't you have an iPad?" Niall asked. "I only have one app." I replied. Louis fell off his chair in shock. "Woa." He said while sprawled out on the floor. They explained what Twitter was while I listened. 

  When they were sone explaining, Harry dared all of us to text someone in the room, and tell them how we feel about them. Harry texted Lou saying that he is like a brotherand Zayn texted Liam to tell him that he is like a father. I got a text from Niall and Liam. Liam's was You are the best little cousin everrrr! Niall's was I like you a have a crush on you like. I looked at him and started sobbing. I quickly ran upstairs and locked myself in my room.

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