The One

Jaid is a girl with no family. Her dad mysteriously vanished two years ago, and then her mum went insane. She got kicked out of her apartment by her jerk of a landlord, Rufus Smiths, and then had nowhere to live. She was on her own, wandering through her homeland of Ireland, until he finds her.


10. Me Time

Jaid's P.O.V
  I woke up and got ready for the day. I put on a floral sundress, jean leggings, white Toms, and a flower headband. I was the first one awake, so I went out to have some "me" time. I went to a local music shop and bought a guitar. I went out to a place where no one would look for me, in a meadow behind Niall's house. I started playing Viva La Vida, my favourite song, and singing along. I then played Hey There Delilah, Jar of Hearts and a few more. 

Niall's P.O.V
  When I woke up, Jaid wasn't there, or anywhere in the house. I went outside to look for her. I saw some footprints through the mud leading into a meadow. I followed them, and halfway through I heard some beautiful singing and guitar playing. I kept walking until I saw Jaid sitting on a tree stump, singing and playing guitar. She was playing Viva La Vida when I walked up to her. "Hey beautiful" I said. "Hey Nialler" she responded sitting down her guitar. "You are amazing" I said. "Wait until the boys hear you!" She looked a little scared at first, but then she finally agreed to play for them. Were they in for a treat!

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