The One

Jaid is a girl with no family. Her dad mysteriously vanished two years ago, and then her mum went insane. She got kicked out of her apartment by her jerk of a landlord, Rufus Smiths, and then had nowhere to live. She was on her own, wandering through her homeland of Ireland, until he finds her.


6. Carrot Princess


Liam's P.O.V   I noticed Jaid cuddling up to Niall. I felt a little surge of protectiveness rush through me.    I knew it would be wrong to say something, so I didn't. I swore to myself that I would never be overprotective of Jaid.    Jaid's P.O.V   I was cuddling Niall, when Louis starting whining. I walked over to him to see what was wrong. "I want carrots." He stated in a pouty baby voice. We all started laughing. "Ok Lou. I'll get you some carrots." I said. "YAYYYYY!! JAID IS THE CARROT PRINCESS!!!" So, that's what Lou, or Boo Bear, calls me now.
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