The One

Jaid is a girl with no family. Her dad mysteriously vanished two years ago, and then her mum went insane. She got kicked out of her apartment by her jerk of a landlord, Rufus Smiths, and then had nowhere to live. She was on her own, wandering through her homeland of Ireland, until he finds her.


2. A home

Niall's P.O.V
  I was in my house in Mullingar. I just had walked downstairs to fix myself breakfast. I stopped when I saw this girl walking in the rain. I had never seen her before, and you would have to be insane to walk in this weather.  She had a slight limp, but she was beautiful. I went outside to see if she needed help. "Hi! I'm Niall! Do you need any help?" I asked.

Jaid's P.O.V
  When the blonde boy came up to me, I was startled. He asked me if I needed help. He also said that his name was Niall. "I don't have anywhere to live" I told him. "How long have you been walking?" He asked. "7 days. I'm from Dublin." Niall looked down at my ankle. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Ye-OW!" I replied. Not fine anymore. It started hurting again. "Come inside" he said. "You can stay here." With that, Niall picked me up and carried me inside.

Niall's P.O.V
  From the moment I saw her, I loved her. She told me that her name is Jaid. She is so perfect. That beautiful red hair, those sparkling green eyes, WOW. My mum starting tending to her ankle when I got her inside. It is okay now that it has been iced. I carried Jaid up to the spare room in my house where she could stay. Mum went out and bought her a TON of clothes because she only had the outfit that she was wearing. She fell asleep in my arms the moment we got in the room.

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