Behind the red carpet

Cassandra Wilson is a famous fashion designer with 7 amazingly talented children. Most of them have ambitions to be superstars, journalists and writers, but there's just one who wants to escape the celebrity life. And when she's chosen above all her sisters to be the face of a new commercial, life turns upside down for Elliye.

Another wacky story about girls who realise their true ambitions.


1. Cassandra Wilson and her 7 fabulous daughters....

 "Congratulations, Ms Wilson," says the manager of 'HELLO' Magazine, Sean Davis. "Your new dress sensation has gone viral, once again!" He turns to the second youngest of my sisters, Indie, who is by far the cutest of us all. She takes exactly after mum's frizzy blonde locks and puffed cheeks.

 "Hear that, sweetheart? Mummy's famous! And we'd love you to represent her on the red carpet tomorrow."

 Marion scowls. She's the oldest of us and by far the prettiest. She's 16 and seriously mature.

 "I'm still going to be on the carpet tomorrow, right?" She tosses one of her golden curls back. My mum, Indie and Marion are the only blondes in the family.

 "Of course," says Sean. "In fact, we'd like you all to be on the carpet tomorrow. 7 awesome little kids representing their mother's fantastic brand. We can have that all over the papers!"

 You'd probably think right now that my family is SERIOUSLY confusing. Well, it is. My mum's half egyptian, half american (that's why her name's Cassandra) and she's named us all funnily too.

 The oldest sister's Marion. She's 16 and dead pretty. Her figure is amazing and she's had 17 boyfriends this month. She is seriously catty though and a total drama queen that no-one can say no to. Not even the manager of HELLO magazine.

 Next is Betty, and she's 13. She's nice at heart but totally tries to take after Marion even though she's brunette. She's started having boyfriends and swearing but mum doesn't even have time to control her.

 The next of my 7 sisters is Isla, a year younger than Betty. She's really nice and she's kind of pretty too, but geeky. She has short black hair and wears this pink alice band she's had since she was 5. She's seriously sensible and clever and tries to do everyone's homework for them, which is so annoying sometimes.

 The 4th sister is Kayla, who's a year younger than Isla. She is a really pretty, ditzy brunette, and I say ditzy because she is the laziest person on earth. She has trouble with her studies except english, which even her grammar needs working on. But her imagination is really good and she loves creating stories to tell to my two younger sisters. She never writes them down though, because her punctuation paralyses any english teacher.

 Next is me (you guessed it, I'm a year younger than Kayla). You may think I'm mad, but I HATE the hastle of famous life. I hate the premieres and photoshoots and not even being able to take a walk peacefully because the nation has their eye on you.

 Indie's only two years behind me, and yet everyone acts like she's the cutest thing on earth. She TOTALLY takes after mum's looks. If this family's on HELLO magazine, whoch we are like every day, Indie has to be on the front cover. I wouldn't dare to be that bold htough, cause I'm not photogenic, so if you want to see me in a magazine you'll have tough luck finding me.

 Last is Heidi, a year younger than Indie. Everyone loves Heidi for being open and cute, but she's more of the criticism type. She's not afraid to say what she thinks and is one of the wierdest tomboys I have encountered, for a 7 year old.

 Right now I'm eating breakfast while Betty plays with Indie's hair behind me. Marion is busy interrogating the Mr. Davis for a special feature of 'how to keep your hair amazing like Marion Wilson'. Poor Mr. Davis.

 "Marion, come away and have breakfast," says mum. "Sunny side up, yum yum!"

 "Blleeeuuuch!" Marion groans. "I hate sunny side up. Just give me cornflakes."

 Mum retreats and I feel sorry for her because I know she worked hard to make them.

 "I'll have your sunny side up, mum," I say, to make her feel better.

 "Thanks Elliye," she says, shoving the plate to me. I take a piece in my mouth and pretend to love it, but as soon as mum's out of the door I spit it right out again.






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