Holding On

She had to have something to hold on to that would save her and that was her imagination and the future.


1. The Future

The future is so interesting because no one actually knows what is going to happen. Although some people hold onto it like they do. They rely on the future to get them through everything, everyone is always thinking about the future by waiting for the weekend, waiting for night, or holidays or anything that can give them hope to distract them from the present. Many people cannot wait to finish high school so they can go travel and be free but hardly anyone really does that because they think they have to continue with an education. But if someone really plans to move away and start a whole new life, it can be done. All anyone has to do is work for it and most importantly really want it. All you need to do is do some research about certain places, get organised and save up because once anyone turns eighteen they are responsible for themselves which gives total power and so many people say they want to escape, but they simply don't. 

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