Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


4. Re-united

 *Authors note*

  Im not going to do Jayden's,Leo's or Taylor's chapter yet but I will soon!:) ~Georgia :)x


     (Harrys Pov)

      I could'nt believe it when I opened the door.There stood my old best friends and band mates.I missed them so much.They hadnt changed a bit!Louis was still the loud,cray person that he is,Niall still had his Irish accent and laughed at everything,Zayn was still bubbly but vain and Liam he was still the sensible one."What are the chances that are kids all end up being friends?" Niall asked with a massive grin on his face."I know!Its crazy!" I said still shocked."Darcy's the image of you,Harry" Liam said .A big smile grew on my face."I know,shes nothing like her mum" I replied.

        "It so weird..all of us being married with kids...I remember when we were all 19 and jumping around the stage like ejits" Zayn said laughing at the memory.We all joined in laughing."Louis remember that plastic piegion,Kevin you had?" Niall asked."I still have him" Louis replied and we all burst out laughing."I can still remember the exact moment we were put together as a group" Liam said smiling at the memory."That was the happiest day of my life" I replied honestly.

          "I have an idea!" Louis exclaimed rather loudly."Yes?" Niall asked impatiently."We should do a twitcam!" Louis said exidedly."Louis,your a fucking genius!" I said while getting up and hugging him! "TO THE COMPUTER!" I exclaimed...jesus me and Darcy were alike..we both always did that.We all sat down in front of the camera."Ready lads?" Niall asked."Niall,I was born ready" Louis said sassily."THE SASS MASTA FROM DONCASTA HAS RETURNED" I screamed...I wonder what the kids are thinking of all our weird behavouir.I logged into my twitter...which I havent been on in a while...jeez...30 million followers...Im quite chuffed.I logged onto my twitcam account and clicked start new video.

           Within a few seconds we had around 2 million viewers."Jesus,were still popular" Zayn said shocked."Hi,were One Direction." We choursed like old times. We all laughed."Guess what?" Liam asked."We all bumped into each other at Harrys house today!" Louis exclaimed."How might you ask?" Louis said raising an eyebrow."Funny story actually" Niall said laughing."We were picking our kids up from their friends house and it just happend their friend was Harrys kid" Niall said still laughing."And it just happens all five of our kids are best mates now!" I exclaimed a bit to happily.

             "God,I missed these guys" Louis said to the camera."Lets anwser some questions" Zayn suggested."Ok,this one is from @onedirectionreunite (Im making up all the twitter names) "Are you all still best friends?" I said reading out the question."Yes" we all said at the same time."Ok next one" Niall said. "@imiss1d Will you sing a song?!?! xx" Liam read out. "Of course we will,my crazy mofo's" Niall said grinning. "Niall where did you even come up with crazy mofo's?" I asked laughing. "I dunno it was in like...what....2013? or something" He replied while smirking."Ok,we shall sing....Little things!" Liam exclaimed...


    [Zayn]Your hand fits in mine Like it’s made just for me But bear this in mind It was meant to be And I’m joining up the dots With the freckles on your cheeks And it all makes sense to me
[Liam]I know you’ve never loved The crinkles by your eyes When you smile You’ve never loved Your stomach or your thighs The dimples in your back At the bottom of your spine But I’ll love them endlessly
CHORUS: [Zayn and Liam] I won’t let these little things Slip out of my mouth But if it's true It’s you Oh it’s you They add up to I’m in love with you And all these little things
[Louis]You can't go to bed Without a cup of tea And maybe that’s the reason That you talk in your sleep And all those conversation Are the secrets that I keep Though it makes no sense to me
[Harry]I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape You never want to know how much weigh  You still have to squeeze into your jeans But you’re perfect to me

CHORUS: [Harry and Niall] I won’t let these little things Slip out of my mouth but if it’s true It’s you Oh it’s you They add up to I’m in love with you And all these little things
Niall]You’ll never love yourself Half as much as I love you You’ll never treat yourself right darlin’ But I want you to If I let you know I’m here for you Maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you Oh..
[Harry]I’ve just let these little things Slip out of my mouth Because it’s you Oh it’s you It’s you They add up to And I’m in love with you And all these little things
[All]I won’t let these little things Slip out of my mouth But if it’s true It’s you It’s you They add up to I’m in love with you And all your little things


  We all smiled widely....We all went into a group hug....Boy how I missed these boys....






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