Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


10. Party (Part 2)


      (Taylor's Pov)

   "Mom?" I shouted around the house."Yeah Taylor?" she answered."Can you drop us too the party now?" I asked."Yeah,you look gorgeous!" She winked at me."Thanks" I smiled."Darcy,Lexie, Get your fat asses down here." I shouted up the stairs."Coming with my fat ass." Darcy replied. Me and my mom just laughed."Taylor? Where are you going dressed like that?" My dad asked."A party?" I said."Go put a top on--" My mom cut him off. "Leave her alone Li" She said."You look great Taylor" He said."Thanks" I smiled.


   We all got in the car ready to go.The house was about 20 minutes away.When we got there,Jayden and Leo were waiting for us outside."Bye mom,thanks for the ride." I said."Yeah,thanks Misses Taylors mom" Darcy said forgetting my moms name."You can call me Danielle" She said laughing."Okay,Thanks Danielle" Lexie said sweetly.We hopped out of the car.


    "Jaydennn,Leooo" Darcy screamed before pulling them both in for a bear hug at the same time."Darcy,I cant breath!" Leo squeaked."Sorry Leeooo" Darcy exclaimed before messing up his hair.Jayden was wearing a polo with a jumper over it and a pair or chinos.Leo was wearing a t-shirt and chinos.


    (Darcy's Pov)


   The music was blaring so loud that you could hear it from outside.The house was nearly jumping from the volume."Lets go get are partayyy on" I screamed rather loudly.I grabbed Leo and Jaydens hands a dragged them too the house.I rang the doorbell and Courtney answered."Hey Guys,come in" She said loudly because of the music.We all made our way through the crowded hall way.It was full of sweaty teenagers.


     We all made are way into the kitchen and grabbed drinks.We all just got coke because we didnt drink...although a lot of people were.Me and Lexie ran into the middle of the crowd and started dancing wildly.Taylor soon joined us.I felt a pair of arms lace around my waist.I quickly turned around to see Tyler,a guy from my science class.He smashed he lips onto mine.I tried to pull away but he was holding my waist too tightly!"Aye,get off her" I heard a raspy voice say.Next thing I know,his lips were pulled away from me.


     Tyler was laying on the ground with Jayden throwing punches at his face."Jayden,Stop!" I screamed.Leo pounced in and pulled Jayden back.You could see the veins popping out on Jaydens face."Leo let go,Im going to kill that fucking scumbag!" Jayden screamed."Dude,calm down,you already got him" Leo said sternly."Never touch her again!" Jayden said loudly.Tyler was lying on the ground with blood dripping down his face.He nodded before getting up an leaving.Jayden ran over to me.


     "Darc,are you okay?" He asked worriedly as he pulled me into a hug."Jay Im fine! Thanks for doing that,you didnt have to though!" I told him."Yes I did!" He said sternly ."You really didnt I would have been fine if-" I got cut of by his lips crashing onto mine.I instantly kissed him back.It was a soft,sweet kiss.He pulled away and we just started at eachother until he finally said, "You dont know how long Ive wanted to do that!" I went a bright red color. "Darcy,Ive liked you for ages now.....will you be my girlfriend?"


     My eyes went wide.The guy I like just asked me out,DARCY SAY YES! "Yes!" I said smiling.The biggest smile went on his face before we pulled me in and kissed me.He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance.I immediately opened my mouth and let his tongue enter. We explored each others mouths for a while before both pulling away with massive grins.He put his arm around my waist and we started walking into the sitting room where Leo,Lexie and Danielle were.They all turned their heads towards us.


     All of their mouths dropped open into an "O" shape.They all started grinning.Me and Jayden just laughing before sitting down beside them.


 *End of Party*


Authors note!

  Sorry I took so long to update! Im such a bad person! :( I will try update more...I have just been really busy! So what do you guys think about Darcy and Jayden?;) x 


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