Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


9. Party (Part 1)


  (Darcy's Pov)

  "Darcy,time to get up for school" I heard my dad scream up the stairs.I stumbled out of my bed and into my bathroom.I stripped off my pajamas and hopped into the shower.Freezing water hit off my skin making me squeal a bit.I instantly made the water warmer.I quickly washed myself and dried my self off.I went over to wardrobe to choose my outfit.Whattt tooo wearrr? I choose out a pair or ripped skinny jeans and a floral print button down top with my tan converse.I added some accessories.I put on some mascara,pink lip gloss and some juicy couture perfume. (http://www.polyvore.com/darcys_outfit_fanfic/set?id=90045679)


    I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs."Morning darling" My mom said to me as I walked into the kitchen."Morning" I replied all happily."Why so happy? Your usually not a morning person" My mom asked me,clearly confused. "I dunno" I said unknowingly. I sat down at the kitchen table and started eating some nutella toast my mom had made for me.*Ding Dong* "Eevi?" I heard my dad call."Yeah?" My mom replied."Can you get the door babe?" He asked. Ew their too old to call each other "babe"."I'll get it..its Jayden." I said as I ran to get the door.


   I opened the door to see Jayden standing there in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt."Hey" He said whilst smiling. "Hiya" I replied. "Mom,dad? Im going now cyas later" I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. We walked in silence for a moment until Jayden asked me "Do you like anyone?" I thought for a moment.I think I like him but Im hardly gonna tell him."Nope.." i replied casually."What about you?" I asked him. "Um,yeah I like someone" He said quietly."Who?" I asked  a bit too quickly."Eh Im not telling...shes one of our mates" He said. Shit , he like either Lexie or Taylor...I should have known he wouldnt like me....


   (Jaydens Pov)


  I wish I could just tell her that I like her......I just cant.


  (At School)


(Leo's Pov)


  "Guys theres Darcy and Jayden" I screamed. "Leo,why do you have to shout everything" Lexie said abit annoyed."I dunno? Apparently  I take after my dad on that one" I replied matter of factly.I wish Darcy and Jayden would just get together all ready...we all know they like eachother.


  "Hey Leo" I turned around to see a girl from my science class."Oh hey Courtney" I replied."Im having a party tonight and I was wondering do you and your friends want to come?" She asked sweetly."Yeah,sure what time?" I asked."7pm till midnight,I'll text you the details,cya tonight Leo" She said."Yeah,cya later." I said as she walked away.I walked over to the others."Looks like were going to a party tonight" I said excitedly."Awesome,who's?" Jayden asked."Courtneys" I replied."Dude,shes hot" He said as he fist pumped me. Darcy stiffened. They really like eachother...


   (Skip school)


   (Darcys Pov)


  "Guys,wanna get ready for the party in my house?"Taylor asked me and Lexie."Sure" We replied in unison."Ok,come over at 4pm?" She said." Sound good,cyas later" I said as I walked over to Jayden to walk home."You going tonight?" Jayden asked me."Sure am" I replied a little too loud."Darc Im right beside you" He replied laughing. "Darc? Oh so your nicknaming me now?" I asked amused." I am indeed" He replied in a posh voice."Well then Jay" I said copying Jay out of the inbetweeners name.We both were hysterically laughing.


   "Ok cya later Jay" I said as I walked into my drive."Cya later Darc" He replied as her continued up the road."Mom,Dad Im home" I called."Were in the kitchen" my dad called.I walked in to see Leos dad Louis and a women who Im presuming is his mom."Darcy,this is Eleanor,Leos mom" My dad said."Hey,Im Darcy" I introduced myself."Im Eleanor but you can call me El" she said sweetly.I smiled in return."Daddyyy?" I asked super sweetly."What do you want?" He asked whilst laughing."Can I pretty please with sugar and icecream on top go to a party tonight?" I asked hopefully.Louis started laughing. "Your just like your dad" He said still laughing.I looked back at my dad with big eyes."Sure!" He said happily."YAY,Thank you I love you" I said as I hugged him.He just laughed and hugged back.I ran upstairs and through a few outfits into my bag and all my make up.I put in a hair straightener and curler.I through in some shoes aswell.


      (Lexies Pov)


   "Dad?" I called through my house."Yeah Lex?" He asked. I walked into the kitchen to see him eating.....typical."Dad,Can I go to a party tonight?" I asked? "Sure,but make sure you moms okay with it" He replied with a grin."Thanks" I walked over and hugged him. "Dagmar?" My dad called."Yeah Niall?" My mom asked as she walked into the kitchen."Lex is going to a party tonight....Is that alright with you?" He asked."Yeah,of course she can!" She said. I gave them both a huge hug and ran upstairs.I packed my bag with loads of clothes,shoes,makeup and hair stuff....Tonights gonna be a good night.


    (Taylors Pov)


  "Momm?" I called."In the living room taylor" She replied.I walked into the living room to see her and my dad snuggled up on the couch watching....of course Toy Story....as usual.Its such an old movie....I wasnt even born when it was made. "So,Is it okay if Darcy and Lexie get ready here for the party?" I asked."Sure,no problem" My mom said happily."Id love to meet Niall and Harrys kids!" My mom said.I hugged both of them. "Thanks love yous" I said happily before running up the stairs.

    (30 minutes later)


   *Ding Dong* "ILL GET IT" I shouted. I charged down the stairs to see my mom hugging Darcys mom. Eh okay then."Hey Taylor" Darcy said happily. " Heyy,lets go up to my room" I said leading Darcy up the stairs. "Wow,Taylor your room is amazing" Darcy said awestruck. "Thanks" I said sheepishly.It had bubblegum pink walls with lilac carpets.It had a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom attached.The king sized bed was in the middle of the room.A few moments later Lexie walked in."Hey guys" She said."Hey" We said in reply."Lets start getting ready!" Darcy screamed."Whooo" Me and Lexie proclaimed.


    We started with our makeup.I put my foundation all over my face and started rubbing it in with the brush.Yuck,its like painting your face.Next I got compact power.I sweeped the brush off the surface of the powder and put it all over my face once again.Next I got the blusher and sucked my face in.I sweeped the brush along my cheekbone on both sides.Next I got out my Naked Palette 4 and started doing brown smokey eye.I added a think layer of felt tip eyeliner to the top eye with a small flick.I put on a few layers of mascara until my mascara nearly hit my eyebrow.I filled in my eye brows with some eyebrow pencil. Lastly I got some pink lipstick and put it onto my lips perfectly. Finnaly done my makeup! 


     I looked at the other girls and they were done too."So what are you guys wearing?" Darcy asked. "I was thinking of wearing a short bodycon dress with sleves. Its tribal print" Lexie replied."What about you Taylor?" Darcy asked."I think Im gonna wear a floral print bralet with black ripped shorts" I said."And you Darcy?" Lexie asked. "Short tight pink shorts and a tribal print boob tube." She said. "Okay lets get dressed!" I said. We all face different corners of the room.I slipped on my floral print bralet and my black ripped shorts. I put on my pink wedges and sprayed a bit of perfume on myself.I put on a few braclets  and a pair of pink feather earrings. I also put on a pink ring. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=90135056) . "Yep" They both replied we all turned around. They both looked amazing.Lexie wore a bodycon dress with red heels. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=90135322) and Darcy wore Pink tight short shorts with a tribal print boob tube and blue heels.(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=90135573).


    "Can one of use do my hair in a fishtail braid?" I asked."Yeah I can!" Darcy said.She braided my hair perfectly."Thank you" I squealed and hugged her.Darcy curled her hair and Lexie straightened hers.They both looked stunning! "Ready to go?" I asked happily.This is gonna be a good night!


   *Authors note*

 Hey,Sorry I havent uploaded in so long ...OPPS! Longish chapter today! I shall post part 2 asap!Hope yous all liked this chapter and thanks for all the views and favorites and likes! Yous are amazingg! Love youss<3 ~Georgia xo (P.s Not edited )

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