Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


5. Jayden Malik

   (Jaydens Pov)

   This feels like a weird dream....the five of us happen to be the new kids in school and our dads happen to be old bandmates and best friends.Just when I thought my life couldnt get any weirder it did...

   "Jayden,were going" My dad said up the stairs."Bye guys" I said and I gave them each a hug."Bye,Jayden" They said in unison except Darcy...who held on my leg begging me not to leave her with these sycos...I worry about her and I've only known her a day.Shes so good looking.Wait..what did I just say?!

     "Darcy let go" I said while laughing."NEVERRR" she screamed.All the others were just pissing themselves laughing."Jayden are you coming" my dad asked."One minute,I've got a syco grabbing onto my leg" I said while laughing.I heard a sigh at the end of the stairs.Darcy let go and gave me another hug."Bye" I said while walking out. I went downstairs and the other dads called their kids to go.I hoped into my dads jeep and he drove out of the drive way."So,how was you first day?" He asked me."Better than I expected" I anwser truthfully."Any girls?" He winked at me."Em..No" I said going bright red."Sureeeee" He said sarcastically.We both starting laughing."So,whats up with you and my friends dads?" I asked."We were in a band together for years and after we all got married we sort of just drifted apart" He said looking sad from the memory."Does mam know them?" I asked confused."She does,she was good friends with them" he said smiling."What band was it?" I asked curiously."One Direction,biggest boyband of its time" He said with a proud smile on his face."Oh,how did you and mam meet?" I asked."She was in a band aswell,she won x-factor" He said proudly."How come I never knew you two were so famous?" I asked annoyed."Never came up" he answered simply.

    We pulled into our driveway and walked into our house."Hi Jayden,Hi Zayn" My mam called."What took so long?" She asked."You wont believe it" My dad said happily."What?" my mam asked curiously." I bumped into Niall,Louis,Harry and Liam!" He said nearly jumping out of the chair."Omg,really?" She asked hopeful."Yeah,Jayden is friends with their kids!" He said."Did you see any of the girls?" she asked getting excited."No?" He answered confused.

    I walked upstairs and went into my room.I checked my phone.4 new messages.One from Leo and one from Darcy.I smiled as I read Darcy's name...I think I might like her.....

    I opened the message from Leo.*Hey,I think Darcy like you ;)* Is he messing? *Why do you think that??* I replied.I opened the message from Darcy. *Wanna walk to school together tomorrow?x* I quickly replied a yes. Another text from Leo. *Dunno...;)* Ugh why cant he just tell me?I checked the time.It was 12:25 already! I slipped into bed and fell asleep thinking about everything that happened today.


   *Authors Note*

 Sorry this chapters so short! I might not be able to update for a day or two. ~Georgia x

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