Everything has changed

One direction have been split up for 17 years now.The boys havent seen eachother in 15 years.What happens when their kids all end up in the same highschool and are all friends in the same group?Will the old band mates reunite as friends? Or will they just stay as the lost friends?


1. The last concert of One Direction :(

     One Directions Good-bye concert (year 2023)

 (Nobodys Pov)

    "We would just like to thank you for all the support that you guys have given us over the years,we couldnt have done any of this without you's.You made all of our dreams happen and we couldnt thank you enough" Liam said with teary eyes. All of the directioners had tears running down their faces."You guys have been so good to us.You always had our backs and were always so nice to us.If it wasnt for yous,we would have never been here today and we are all so grateful.You are the best fans anyone could have."Louis continued with a croaky voice and a tear stained face,with a forced smile.

       "Where would I have been without my crazy mofo's?You all mean the world to me and your all beautiful.You made my dream reality and I have no idea how I can re-pay you's.I have loved working with the boys,they didnt just help me with my dream,but they gave me 4 best friends." Niall said with tears violently coming down his face and burying his head into Liams shoulder.All the fans were violently crying in the audience making the boys cry more."I cant believe this is our last concert.I can remember when we were put together as One Direction like yesterday.We owe it to all of yous big time.Yous have made our dream so much better and we owe it all to yous.You's are all amazing and we are so happy we had such a big impact on yous" Harry said trying to fight back tears.

         "I-I-I just cant cant believe that this is our last c-concert.It feels like w-w-we have only been t-t-together a few years...I just cant b-believe it.These boys h-havee been the best f-freinds I could have e-ever asked for." Zayn stuttered as tears rushed down his face.The fans watched sadly as their 5 idols stood on stage crying."We love you all and we couldnt have done any of this without yous,yous are honestly the best fans we could have asked for.We all love yous so much." Niall said sadly as he violently cried.All the boys went in for a group hug.They all had tear stained faces as they all huddled up.When they finally parted they all said , "Bye,Were One Direction" and with that the stage went black.

       All the directioners violently sobbed at the thoughts that their favourite band was never going to preform again,how they all devoted their lives to them and now they werent together.This was the end of their favourite band....One Direction.

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