Playing It Cool

So this story was inspired by One Direction's song, One Thing as well as the 'Inspired By A Song' Competition.

Harold Edward Styles has a crush on Alianah Kate Hills. He can win the heart of any girl but Alianah is different. She thinks One Direction is ok (since she had a few 1D posters up here and there) but she never had come across the thought of spending her life with any of the members, especially the most flirtatious out of the bunch.


1. You're My Kryptonite

Harry's P.O.V

I was desperate for her. One simple touch told me that she was the one. I met her at a signing and she was with a friend. I could tell that she liked us - Well, she didn't LOVE us but she didn't HATE us either. It was obvious. 'How was it obvious?', you may ask. Well for starters, when I spotted her, her head was dug into a book and at the same time, she had our song, 'One Thing' blasting out loud but she didn't seem to have a care in the world at that moment. 


I remembered staring at her for what seemed like forever but then Louis tapped my shoulder and snapped me out of my thoughts. It was probably good he did that though, because if I kept staring, I was pretty sure I would've started drooling and how embarrassing would that have been? Pretty embarrassing if you asked me.


"Dude. If you keep staring, you're eyes are gonna pop out of their sockets. And are you looking at that girl over there?" Louis smirked.

"Uh... Just a second, Lou" I held a finger up to tell him to wait and then started making my journey towards the girl.

"Uhm.. Hello, I am Harry and that book must be interesting if it's better than looking at us" I started to gain confidence. 

"Yeah. I know you're Harry. If I didn't, why would  I be here?", Yeah she had a good point there, "Oh and yes, this book is incredibly interesting. You should get Niall to read it sometime without sleeping after reading the first sentence" The girl replied.

"Well genius, what's your name?" I asked, curious to know.

"I'm Alianah Kate Hills and it is an honor to meet you Harry but I have to go now. I have to get back home before my mom gets back from work" Before the words got to sink in, Alianah had already zoomed off, dragging her friend behind her.

I turned back around to the direction of the other boys and I was about to head back over to them when I noticed something laying on the ground. It was Alianah's phone and it was still blasting 'One Thing'. A lot had occurred within 3 minutes and 18 seconds of the song playing. I picked up her phone and strolled back over to the four boys, who I called best friends and as I did that, I thought about how I would return Alianah's phone. 


All that was running through my mind at that moment was a sentence which consisted of 6 words, which I one day hoped to say to the girl of my dreams: 'Alianah Kate Hills, You're My Kryptonite'. 


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