Married To a Wesleay

I have Been in to for the happiness. A new Law comes in to the story Harrys Twin sister Tydraa and For Fred who has always had a crush on her they are paired with the new marriage Law might just be great...<here are the couples>(Percy,Luna) , (Ron,Hermione), (Harry,Ginny), (Gorge,Kassiy) , (Fred,Tydaa) these are the happy couples


7. Chapter 7 (Fred and Tydraa at diffrent parts first [art 2 part when it startes acting like Tydraa whould thats her)

I looked at her and I felt over happy we are going to be parents "Honey don't you think we should tell them" she looked up form the book she was reading and smiled "they know I sent a letter to everyone last night and besides Luna is she's 5 months  and Ginny is about 2 and Holly is about 3 months and then there's Hermione just found out a week before me we were the last to find out " she looked back at her book sad I put a arm around her and kissed her forehead and she blushed and put down her book and put her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lip's and we just sat kissing till there was a knock I got up and walked to the door and standing there was a big Luna and Percy with a bag on his arm "Hey Fred. Tydraa how are you" he smiled and helped Luna sit on the sofa with me next came a little bump on her and Harry then the others the woman sat on the extended sofa and the men sat on the other sofa "HARRY JAMES POTTER GET ME A DRINK" yelled Gin he looked scared and left to get a drink for her "so Luna what you having" she smiled "twins a girl and a boy" she smiled again "and you Holly" she also smiled "A Girl" she smiled and looked back down at her book "Gin what about you" she looked up form her magzen "A Boy" she smiled and when Harry came back with water she took the cup happily and drank " so what are you naming your son Gin" she looked up and put her drink down "James Snape Potter" she smiled and then picked up her book "Luna?" "Abby Jane Wesley and Leo Percy Wesley" she said and looked at her husband "you Holly" she looked up from her belly "Lena June Wesley" she looked back down and put her hand on her belly "what are you having Mione" she looked at her "A girl and were naming her Rosie Molly Wesley" she smiled and came in to the day "What about you Tydraa" I LOOKED down and look back "Twins girl and girl" I said and looked back down "were naming the first one is Molly Juno Wesley and the second one is going to be Dora Neph Wesley" I smiled and looked at Fred  "FREDDYYY" I whined and he looked at me "Molly hurts and so dose Dora there kicking me" I cried and then Luna's water brock "PERCY GET HER TO A HOSPITAL NOW".(hour later Percy came out holding one baby.) "OH she's perfect Luna " I HELD baby Abby and Leo "Thank you it was hard believe me " she smiled....(5 months later Ginny had James and Holly had Lena and Mione had Rosie and know its time for Tydraa to have her baby Fred's second part)  I was standing in the Hospital room walking around waiting and then I was aloud to see my twins Molly and Dora "Oh Bunny there perfect they have black hair and red hair perfect with there green eyes" Molly has red hair and Dora has a black hair both have green eyes and both are round faced and perfect "Oh how baby there perfect" we were going home tomorrow....

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