Married To a Wesleay

I have Been in to for the happiness. A new Law comes in to the story Harrys Twin sister Tydraa and For Fred who has always had a crush on her they are paired with the new marriage Law might just be great...<here are the couples>(Percy,Luna) , (Ron,Hermione), (Harry,Ginny), (Gorge,Kassiy) , (Fred,Tydaa) these are the happy couples


6. Chapter 6 (Tydraa)

We were walking to the house and Fred and me were holding hands and talking about the stares "You know Fred how I have been dyeing to tell you I have had a crush on you since the 3 year" I giggled and then he took my face in his hands " Iv liked you since I saw you I just never told  you or anyone but Gorge" he smiled and I took the last step and kissed him we were right out side the house when we started kissing.. Then when we got to our room we had Sex and then we fell asleep..(3 Months later we moved in to a house close to the shop it has 3 rooms a kitchen and living room and Fred put in a bar and a bathroom and even a hole in the fire place were the floo powder is Golden curtens hung every were our bed is a queen size and is layed with gold and red  there a vases of flowers every were and the flat screen t.v. sits in our living room with a computer on a desk and a book case sits in the corner pictures of the family and us sit every were and a jacket holder hold a few jackets and hates and coffee mug sat at the desk a rug sat in the living room its blue and gold and has sliver threading a clock sits on the dinning room wall and a magical wand holder sat on the wall it looks like a vase it sits on our bed side table witch are lampes beside our bed and we also have a flat screen on our bed room wall in front of our bed and our closets are filled book case sits beside the master bathroom and it has a tub winch holds two and it is decorated as a shower and tub its nice and there is a teddy bear on the bed in the middle.   ) I walked in to the muggle store and walked to the right part and then made my way to  my ideam I want I looked at them all  Pregnancy testes line the thing I picked a two for one and then I went to a magical one and got one form there then I went home Fred is at work should be coming home soon I flicked my wand  and dinner was being made by its self and the table was set clothes were put up and I went to the bathroom and did the tests "Im Pregnant" I sighed happily and then I heard someone "Love im home" I ran out and jumped in to his arms "what's going on" I smiled and showed it to him "Your pregnant" I smiled "were going to be parents" he smiled and picked me up and then spun me around "That's great" he said we ate and then went to bed... 

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