Married To a Wesleay

I have Been in to for the happiness. A new Law comes in to the story Harrys Twin sister Tydraa and For Fred who has always had a crush on her they are paired with the new marriage Law might just be great...<here are the couples>(Percy,Luna) , (Ron,Hermione), (Harry,Ginny), (Gorge,Kassiy) , (Fred,Tydaa) these are the happy couples


5. Chapter 5 (Fred)

I heard the yelling and I knew what happened Gin told him about what we did and then Tydraa walked down and sat in my lap and put her head on my shoulder "what's wrong Love" she had tears going down her cheeks "Oh its okay" then Harry came down and looked Outrages "What the Fuck" he said and I looked at him "Harry its not our falt we just drank to much okay" he smiled "ok" he hugged us and we laughed "okay" I got up and walked with Ty outside and we stood under a tree "its nice outside today" I smiled at her and took her face in my hands and kissed her softly and then a bit harder I picked her up and she wrapped her self around me we kissed I pushed her agent the tree and then she was taking off my shirt and I was laying her on the grass away from the house I nibbled on her ear and she was kissing my neck and we were getting entangled with each other on the grass you could hear a bubbling creek "Oh Fred" she mumbled agents my chest while im kissing her ears and working my way down but before I could someone was there and then I was off Ty and shirt on and we were looking at the figure "who are you" I asked and then there is Mum "MUM" Molly looked mad line on her face but the she smiled "you two god lets go" she tugged at my arm and we left...

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