Married To a Wesleay

I have Been in to for the happiness. A new Law comes in to the story Harrys Twin sister Tydraa and For Fred who has always had a crush on her they are paired with the new marriage Law might just be great...<here are the couples>(Percy,Luna) , (Ron,Hermione), (Harry,Ginny), (Gorge,Kassiy) , (Fred,Tydaa) these are the happy couples


3. Chapter 3 (Fred)

I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard the door open and then though I heard a voice "Fred" I heard her say and I noticed her "you look great" she smiled "today is are wedding day" she smiled "Of course" I kissed her hair is curled and her make up is light but perfect "NO YOU CANT SEE HER" Ginny grabbed her and ran her out ''I'll see you at the alter " I yelled to her I walked out and soundly the guys got me and got me ready. I stood at the alter when I turned around to see Tydraa in a Mermaid Lacy dress with the longest vial iv ever seen then I felt her hand in mine I smiled at her and she blushed pink at me "Do You Fredrick Louis Weasley Do you Take Tydraa Lily Potter As Your Lawful wife" he looked ay me " I Do" I said and smiled at Tydraa "And Do You Tydraa Lily Potter Take Fredrick Louis Weasley as your Lawful Husband"  She smiled at me and I blushed a pink "I Do" he smiled at the both of us "You May Now Kiss the BRIDE" she said and then it was just us as I leant down and kissed her softly then abet harder "I Love you " I whispered to her and she kissed my cheek "I to" she smiled and I smiled back...(That Night) We were at a cabin for our honeymoon I pulled out some whisky "Do you want some" I smiled and she nodded I got out two cups and poured some for the both of us next thing we knew half the bottle was gone and I was laying on the sofa with Tydraa on top of me laughing from a joke I said "Okay lets play a game Truth or Dare" I smiled "OKay fire away" she blinked at me and smiled "okay truth or dare" I smiled "Dare" I smiled "Okay I dare you to" she whispered the last part and I smiled "how about I do this instead " I smiled and took her face in my hands and kissed her she wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up and pushed her to a wall and started taking off her shirt as she undid my belt next thing we knew we were on the sofa having sex...

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