Married To a Wesleay

I have Been in to for the happiness. A new Law comes in to the story Harrys Twin sister Tydraa and For Fred who has always had a crush on her they are paired with the new marriage Law might just be great...<here are the couples>(Percy,Luna) , (Ron,Hermione), (Harry,Ginny), (Gorge,Kassiy) , (Fred,Tydaa) these are the happy couples


2. Chapter 2 (Tydraa) Dress shopping

I woke up in the arms of my futer husband  "Fred-Fred" I mumbled in his ear he opened his eyes "huh?" he mumbled back "I got to go pee can you move your body off me" He laughed and moved over "Thank You" I got up and moved slowly to the bathroom.(Dress shopping Horriers) I walked out in a Lacy Mermaid dress with a long vial that has a tiara 8 in heels and lily's and posy's and roses are all over  my bouquet then we had Lunch and then went to pick out my Brides made dresses everyone else already has there's. When we walked in to the dress shop I saw a pale pink "Can Ginny try this on plz Gin" she smiled she's my maid of honor "okay" she walked back to the dressing room when she came back it looked amazing "ILL GET 4" I told the shop owner and I bought them and then we went  home...

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