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Bailey Lee has been hanging with Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Allison for as long as she can remember. But she was written out of the story. This is how it would be if she wasn't written out.


2. Pilot part 2

Emily pov

Bailey came over after I met Maya our new neighbor. 

"It's weird somebody living in Ally's house." Bailey said. 

"I know." I replied. 

"I'm already finished with our assigned book in Mr. Fitz's class." 


"Yeah. I already did all my homework too." She whined. 

"How are you so smart but you act crazy at the same time?" 

"Hitting two birds with one stone." 

I rolled my eyes. 

"Are you done yet?" She asked. 


"Let's go out for a run then." 


We went outside with our iPods and started running. 

Hanna pov 

I was just sitting at our kitchen counter when there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door to see a police officer. 

"Hello are you Hanna?" He asked. 

"Yeah. Why?" I replied. 

"We found surveillance of you stealing a pair of sunglasses at the rosewood mall."

My mom came out and heard everything. We went to the police station. 

With Emily and Bailey.…

Bailey pov

Emily and I were running and saw cop cars and an ambulance at Maya's house. We walked up and Maya walked over. 

"Guys they found your friend Allison." She said. 

I smiled then asked, "Where is she?" 

"Wait. They found Allison dead." She replied. 

"What?" I asked. I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it even though that's what everyone thought when she was missing. 

"I'm so sorry." Maya walked back to her porch. 

"Ally's dead. I can't believe it." I said. 

Emily hugged me and we saw Aria and Spencer show up. Hanna came by too. 

"She's gone for real." Spencer said. 

"I know. It's just so hard to believe." I replied. "Guys I have to tell you something." 

"What is it?" They asked. 

"Today at school before I went to math someone texted me. At first I thought it was Allison but now they found her dead." 

"Was it someone called, 'A'?" Aria asked. 

"Yeah. Why?" I replied. 

"I got a text too." 

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