Pretty Little Liars Unknown Member

Bailey Lee has been hanging with Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Allison for as long as she can remember. But she was written out of the story. This is how it would be if she wasn't written out.


1. Pilot part 1

Bailey's pov

I woke up to get ready for school. I miss Aria and the other girls. We didn't keep in touch after she went to Europe for a year. 

I turned the curler on and looked at my clothes. I got on a knee length purple dress with a jean vest. I put some makeup on then curled my brown hair. I took my glasses off and put my contacts in. My brown eyes shined without my glasses. Allison had always said I looked prettier without my glasses. I can't believe that she's been missing for a year. 

I got my boots on and got in my car. I drove to the school. 

Aria pov

My dad stopped the car and Mike got out. Before I could my father stopped me. 

"Just be happy okay?" He said. 

"Whatever." I got out. 

I can't believe him. He acts like he never cheated on my mom last year before we left. 

"Aria?!?!" I heard behind me. 

I turned to see my cheery and crazy friend Bailey. 

"Bailey!" I ran over and hugged her. 

"When did you get back?" She asked. 


"Aria?" Emily came up. Her black hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing sporty clothes. Her tan skin looked somewhat darker from last time I was here. 

"Hey Emily." I said hugging her. 

"She got back yesterday." Bailey said.

Suddenly a guy with Dark hair came over and kissed her on the cheek. 

"Aria this is my boyfriend Logan. He's in the yearbook committee." She said. 

"Hi." I said. 

"Hello. I got to go. See ya later Bebe." Logan said. 

"See ya." She replied. 

"What do you have first?" Emily asked. 

"Please say English with Mr. Fitz." Bailey crossed her fingers. 

I looked at my timetable and sure enough I did have it. 

"Yeah I have English with Mr. Fitz." I said. 

"Yay!" Bailey exclaimed. 

"Looks like we all have the same class then." Emily said. 

We walked in and found seats next to eachother. When the teacher came in he had his back turned and wrote 'Mr. Fitz' on the board. He turned around and I was dumbstruck. I was making out with the guy yesterday on the counter of sinks in a pub. 

"Holy Crap." He said as he saw me. 

Everyone turned toward me and I just wanted to disappear. 

After School…

Emily pov

I sat at the counter as my mom filled a basket with 'goodies' as she called them so I can take it to our new neighbor's house. 

"I can't believe they actually sold Allison's house." I said. 

"I know. But her parents thought if they didn't sell it they wouldn't move on." My mom replied.

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