Still The One

Everyone is back into this sequel. Not all books begin perfect, especially when there is always something to hide. Not everybody's life can be perfect. I mean, you can't have life without a little drama, right? (Second book to Isn't She Lovely)


6. Meeting Sam

Alexa POV

"The father is Sam!" I yelled.

I regretted it immediately. I had just told Harry that his wife wasn't having his baby. I looked around at everyone. The only people who didn't looked shocked were Zayn and Nicki. I had a feeling they already knew.

"Who's Sam?" Asked Harry angrily.

I didn't say anything. I already made one mistake, I wasn't about to make another one.

"Sam is a friend of mine." Said  Emily nervously.

"He doesn't seem like a friend if he is the father of the baby that should be mine!" Harry yelled.

"I don't exactly know if he's the father!" Emily yelled back.

Everybody else didn't dare to say anything.

"How could you not tell me you were pregnant, let alone not with my child!" Harry yelled.

Then the door opened. In came a guy I've never met.

"Hey Emi-. Oh, what's going o-"

He was cut off by Harry.

"Who's that?" He asked.

"That's... Sam." Emily said slowly.

"Does Sam know?" I heard Nicki whisper.

"Not yet." Emily whispered back.

"Who's all the people?" Sam asked walking closer.

Emily POV

"They're my friends." I said with a nervous smile.

I hoped Harry wouldn't bring up me being pregnant or him being my husband.

"I'm pretty sure I'm more than a friend." Harry mumbled.

"This is Nicki, Zayn, Liam, Genifer, Alexa, Niall, Louis, Abby, and Harry." I quickly said.

"Hi." Sam said.

The room filled with Hi's and Hello's.

"Did you tell Sam your news?" Harry asked.

I knew he was trying to get me mad. I couldn't blame him. I mean, I cheated on him.

"What news?" Sam asked.

"That Emily is pregnant!" Harry said excitedly.

"You are?" Sam asked.

I slowly nodded.

"That's great!" Sam said hugging me.

"But you aren't the husband." Harry said a little too loudly.

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