Still The One

Everyone is back into this sequel. Not all books begin perfect, especially when there is always something to hide. Not everybody's life can be perfect. I mean, you can't have life without a little drama, right? (Second book to Isn't She Lovely)


5. Chapter and A/N

Emily POV

"Erm so yeah Harry I'm pregnant."

"Who's the father?"Liam asked.

"Umm it's Harry who else could it be." 

"Ohh well okay."

Alexia POV

Emily is like my best friend ever I just can't take this

"Harry isn't the father!" I yelled

"What are you talking about" Emily said.

"The father is.."




A/N:CLIFHANGERRRRR HAHAHAHA I FEEL SO EVIL!!!!!! You'll find out tomorrow."

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