Still The One

Everyone is back into this sequel. Not all books begin perfect, especially when there is always something to hide. Not everybody's life can be perfect. I mean, you can't have life without a little drama, right? (Second book to Isn't She Lovely)


3. Back from Hawaii

Nicki POV

Zayn and I got back and had a amazing time.We did a lot of things,when we got back I found out something just i'm not sure if I should tell Harry yet.

Genifer POV

A couple days after Zayn and Nicki came back we found out that Emily is pregnant...just with some one else's baby.We decided to have a meeting so we could all catch up.

Zayns POV

We all arived at the meeting and I wanted to start.

So I wanna start us of on congraduating Emily on her baby."I said

"What baby?"Harry asked


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