I have Cryed For Him

Its Been 11 Years Lader and Albus Has Married Mily LongBottom and has a daughter Rosean Jay Potter.James has also Married to Haley LoveGood and had a son Louis Cune Potter.Lily and Scorpuios twins Tydraa Holly Malfoy Potter is a Straberry Blound Girl who is Cute and can do everything almost perfect Her twin Brother Zaven Malfoy Potter Is a Platnum Blound hair like her father and is handsom as ever and he is clamied to be great but he only wants one thing to grow and learn as his father and mother had


1. The Train (Tydraa)

I walked down on the 1 of september I got dressed in a dress this is my 1 year at Hogwarts my "HEY Ty" my brother came up behind me and ruind my train of thought "UHHH ZAVEN " I yelled then we heard our muthers voice come up our mannor "Kids Your cousins and uncles and auntes are here and you grandparents our here from both sides " I sqelled Rosean was here my Best Friend Cousen "ROSEAN" i yelled and ran down to see her ready for my hug i ran strait in to her arms "Hey Ty" then you heard my loud mouth uncles come in yelling for mum"Hey lily" Uncle al said then Uncle Ja Came in with his wife "Hey Aunte Mily" she is Luna and Nevilles daughter she has Long Curly Blound hair with light brown streacks she is tall and slinder "Hello Dear" she kissed my for head My cusison Rosean is her and albus daughter her hair is Light brown with Blound lights her eyes are a greenesh-Grey  her heart shaped face was perfect she had feckles light but they are there,My other Cousion Louis Has Brown hair and Green eyes "Hello Lou" I smiled and huged him he looked at me "YOur happy ar nt you" i smiled and nodded  "Happy to go to my birthplace Mum always talkes about how your dad was mad at mine" I smield at him and he just smiled back i ran back to my father "Daddy,Daddy" i cryed and he smield "yes baby girl" I huged him...

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