Turning Tables

"Everything is not what it seems. It turns out as a great story with a predictable happy ending and turns into a sad pity story. That's the turning and twisting of a normal life, but what if for once it all ended out happy? Just once."


1. Chapter 1

This is Sage Cabello.


Sage Cabello strutted into the ninth grade hallways of her new high school. She had her clique behind her and boys drooling all around her. She blew kisses as she walked past. She looked at her new Michael Kors watch and gasped to herself at the time. She was early. That was the first time in a long time that she'd been early anywhere, much less school. Being 'fashionably' late was Sage's trademark.  She internally slapped herself in the back of her head as she strutted to her locker. New everything, eh? Sage usually got what she wanted because of her father, so her locker was personalized pink. Thanks Dad, she thought. Nobody else would be able to have her locker until she graduated. She popped her gum and slammed her locker door after grabbing her books and Gucci purse. She went to the nearest restroom and spritzed some Chanel perfume on while renewing her makeup. She grinned at her appearance and sashayed off. She caught up with her best friends, Kate and Tiffany. Such vogue names to Sage, while she had a boy name. She might as well be named James. She wanted to change her name to something cute like Elizabeth or Dianna. She surpassed the thought and walked off with the girls. She walked into social studies as she gossiped with her friends. She had gotten a few daily compliments on her outfit while walking to her seat. She sat down perkily as she looked around the classroom. Same nerds as last year, she thought. She rolled her eyes as she got bumped into by some nerd walking through the aisle. 

"Watch where you're going, dork!" She screamed. 

"The name's Ollie, but nice guess." He said sighing.  She scoffed at the comment and filed her nails with her bedazzled filer. That was how life was for Sage. Pink and bright. She got everything because of her filthy rich father and didn't appreciate one bit. She surpassed anyone who tried to help her and ignored anyone who tried to be nice to her. She was what they called an original plastic. Mean Girls was what she was born out of. She was fake to a common eye and beautiful through another. Sage got treated like a princess. She had no idea how things would end up for her. A few months later, her father would divorce her mother and leave them with nothing. Sage's mother could barely support Sage and they downgraded from a mansion to a mobile home. Sage found herself befriending two new other friends as her old ones ditched her. Sage would sometimes struggle for food. Her mother would go out with random men most nights and never get back in time to feed Sage herself. Sage was poor. Dirty and poor. 

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