New Girl

Hi, my name is Nicole and i am from Nashville, TN I live with my mom her name is Amber, dad his name is Vince, and my older brother his name is Austin. My dad just got a new job offer in Ontario, Canada so he toke it, unfortunately and we are moving within 2 weeks. And im kinda glad we are because here, i have no friends. im a nerd. i just hope to make new friends in Canada. Austin doesnt wanna move cause you know he is 'Mr. Popular.'

Read to find on what happens when Nicole and her family moves to Canada. Will she make any friends? Will she still be a nerd?

By the way, Justin isnt famous in this story.


7. This is my brother, Austin.

Nicoles POV: 

So i texted my brother, told him the address and want to know the funny story? Justin is my next door neighbor. Want t hear something even funnier? Ryan is my OTHER next door neighbor. xD We all went downstairs, i sat on the couch, Jazzy sat next to me and i picked jaxon up and put him on my lap, Justin sat beside me and ryan sat in the chair. We waited about 5 minutes until there was a knock on the door. Ryan went to answer it and then he came back. I stood up and hugged my brother. 

N: Justin, Ryan I would like you to meet my brother Austin Star Smith.

J & R burst into laughter. 

A: What are you guys laughing at? 

J: Well, its just that your sister called you an ass and your initials spell ass. *laughs*

A: *looks at Nicole* Why did you call me that?!? you know damn well im not an ass!  

N: YES YOU ARE! You NEVER helped me when i was bullied, you were afraid youd lose your girlfriend, you wouldnt be a football player, you wouldnt be popular anymore, and that you would be a geek like me! You ALWAYS treat me like shit Austin. ALWAYS! 

A: *smirks* cause you are! you never had one friend, not one boyfriend, not one kiss, and you will forever be a virgin mary. 

N: *on the verge of tears*

A: You wont make friends here you wont even get a boyfriend or anything! I bet you already got bullied. *smirks again* And that is the only reason you are here cause he felt sorry for you. I also bet the only friends youll make at that is those 2 little kids.

N: *runs out and goes home, slams the door and locks the bedroom door and cries* 


Nicoles POV: 

I cant take this anymore. I have to get out of this house, at least for a few days. I pack a weeks worth of clothes, grab my purse, and make sure i have enough money to last me. But since im a daddys girl, i get whatever i want. So i have my own banking account and 3 credit cards. I pack my phone charger, and grab my iphone5 and go grab a taxi and go to the nearest hotel. 

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