New Girl

Hi, my name is Nicole and i am from Nashville, TN I live with my mom her name is Amber, dad his name is Vince, and my older brother his name is Austin. My dad just got a new job offer in Ontario, Canada so he toke it, unfortunately and we are moving within 2 weeks. And im kinda glad we are because here, i have no friends. im a nerd. i just hope to make new friends in Canada. Austin doesnt wanna move cause you know he is 'Mr. Popular.'

Read to find on what happens when Nicole and her family moves to Canada. Will she make any friends? Will she still be a nerd?

By the way, Justin isnt famous in this story.


9. Starbucks.

J: Yes, is there a girl here with brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, her name is Nicole Smith. I tracked her down on her iphone. 

Worker: Uhm, let me check.


The worker saw me and i hid, i shook my head no as to tell her to tell him im not here. Cause i forgot he could track me on my phone. STUPID STUPID STUPID!


Worker: No she isnt sir, im sorry. 

J: *sighs, and sniffs* o-ok. Thanks. *walks outside and goes to starbucks, gets a drink and sits down* 


N: Thank you! 

W: I cant keep doing this.

N: What do you mean?

W: He has been here, before. Like this isnt his first time here. ever since you checked in, he has came here asking for you. 

N: Well, im leaving tomorrow. Plus im going out for air, Thank you again Bonnie! 

W: Welcome.


Nicoles POV:

I decide to go to Starbucks. I walked in and got a medium Java Chip, with a Cookie and sat down. Then I heard some guy talking on the phone. He sounded familiar, so i listened. 


Justins POV: 

I was drinking my drink when my phone went off, i looked at it was Nicoles brother. Wonderful.. 


J: What?

A: Listen Justin, Im sorry about what happened the other day. I didnt mean t make you or my sister upset. I can tell from you being locked up in your room ever since she left you really love her.

J: How do yu know I love your sister Austin?!

A: You wouldnt talk to anyone. You were crying. You actually care about her. Where are you at, me and ryan are coming.

J: Im at Starbucks. 

A: Ok, we will be there in 5. 


Nicoles POV: 

Justin didnt mean me, did he? He couldnt have. Just then I heard the bell and looked up. CRAP, its Austin and Ryan. I ucked down so the wouldnt see me and they sat infront in the booth that was infront of me. Welp, im not leaving for a while...


R: hey man, did you find her?

J: No, I have been to that hotel so many times. 

A: Do you think sshe is there and she is just hiding?

J: *shrugs* I love her. Why dont she see that.

A: Because she has been bullied, never had a boyfriend, never had friends, or anything. If you really love my sister Justin, I will give you permission to date her. You just gotta earn her trust. And i do to. cause i know the only person she doesnt dislike out of this group is Ryan. And i can tell when she was with your brother and sister she loves them. She loves kids. 

J: *smiles* really? Jazzy always talks about her, and asks me if we are dating. *sighs* I just wish i could hear her voice one more time... 


Nicoles POV: 

My phone started ringing i looked at it andd it was my mom. I didnt answer it, i ignored her. i had a good reason. 


A: hey, did you guys hear that? 

J: That ringtone? Yea, why?

A: *whispers* my sister is here

R: *whispers* how do you know

A: *whispers* thats the ringtone for when my mom calls. Watch, ill call her. My ringtone is "Your brother the jackass is calling. Your brother the jackass is calling" 


Justin&Ryan try not to laugh. 


A: *whispers* Im calling her.  *calls her, and the ringtone goes off*


Nicoles POV: 

SHIT! I tried to turn my phone off but couldnt, i finally didnt and sighed. Next thing i heard was a ruckus. Then i saw Justin practically fly out of the booth infront of me, and look at me. 


N: Uhm... hi. 


N: *giggles* Yup, last i checked that was my name. 

J: *walks over to her, and sits beside her.* Nicole, I know you heard everything. 

N: *looks down and nods* i did. is it true that you, love me? 

J: Yes. when i first saw you  on the swings it was like love at first sight. *takes her hand, and with the other hand he lifts her chin up with one finger* Nicole, I know i have to earn you trust. But, will you be my girlfriend? 

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