New Girl

Hi, my name is Nicole and i am from Nashville, TN I live with my mom her name is Amber, dad his name is Vince, and my older brother his name is Austin. My dad just got a new job offer in Ontario, Canada so he toke it, unfortunately and we are moving within 2 weeks. And im kinda glad we are because here, i have no friends. im a nerd. i just hope to make new friends in Canada. Austin doesnt wanna move cause you know he is 'Mr. Popular.'

Read to find on what happens when Nicole and her family moves to Canada. Will she make any friends? Will she still be a nerd?

By the way, Justin isnt famous in this story.


3. Leaving.

Nicoles POV: 

We left the house at 2 in the morning. Dad said he was gonna have the furniture shipped to our new house today and that it should be there by the time we get there. We got to the airport, went threw baggage, threw security and had to wait for the flight. It was 9 am and they announced our flight. I ran into the plane and sat in my seat and Austin sat next to me. 


Austins POV: 

I just wanted out of here. I guess if this was really happening then i should at least get along with my sister. So i sat next to her and hoped i could fix things.


A: Hey, can we talk?

N: We live together. I guess so, i dont have a choice. 

A: I just wanted to say i was sorry for saying what i did back at home, i really am. And uh, im sorry about telling mom and dad about school... 

N: *sighs* you told them everything from the bullying to not having friends, to you not protecting me? 

A: Yes. And im grounded. 

N: *smirks* Good, you deserve it. Im gonna take a nap.

A: wait, do you forgive me? 

N: Yea. 




A: Nicole... Nicole.... Nicole, wake up were in Canada. 

N: *wakes up, stretches and yawns* That was fast. 

A: haha, yea. come on mom and dad have got off the plane and got all the bags in the taxi, were headed to the new house. 

N: Ok. 

N&A: *Walk outside, get in the taxi. then the taxi drives off to a nice cozy house in Ontario, Canada. We all get out and get our bags and go to the house* 


Nicoles POV:

I found my room, and everything was set up. dad was right, they got it here. i unpacked everything and walked downstairs with my iphone5. i told my mom i was gonna go walk around and explore the neighborhood.  She said it was fine, so i left. 

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