New Girl

Hi, my name is Nicole and i am from Nashville, TN I live with my mom her name is Amber, dad his name is Vince, and my older brother his name is Austin. My dad just got a new job offer in Ontario, Canada so he toke it, unfortunately and we are moving within 2 weeks. And im kinda glad we are because here, i have no friends. im a nerd. i just hope to make new friends in Canada. Austin doesnt wanna move cause you know he is 'Mr. Popular.'

Read to find on what happens when Nicole and her family moves to Canada. Will she make any friends? Will she still be a nerd?

By the way, Justin isnt famous in this story.


4. Jerk.

Nicoles POV: 

I was walking around when i came across a park. It had a basketball court, swings, the usage. I sat down on one of the swings and then there were 3 boys, i have to say around my age that came and started playing. They all had brown hair. I stared at the one kid with the supras on, from where i was, he was extremely gorgeous. But i could tell he was a jock. I looked at my phone and started playing Dumb Ways To Die ( < Really a game, and it is really fun. Its free as well download it and try it out!) Anyways, I was playing when i got interrupted by yelling. I looked up and saw the boys talking then looked down and listened to there convo. 


Justins POV: 

Chaz, Ryan & I went to play basketball at the park today and i looked over at the swings to see a figure of a girl about our age and she was gorgeous. But i can tell you right now, Chaz would never approve of her. Why? Cause she got glasses on, & she dont wear makeup. But its about what is on the inside and her personality. I continued to play the game when i felt eyes on me. I stopped and turned around to find her starring at me. I smirked knowing that she likes me, i had that effect on the girls. But i never wanted them. I want her, she is beyond beautiful. its like love at first sight. But itll never happen with Chaz cause he wont approve of her. I may as well grow old with 20 dogs. I got snapped out of my thoughts by Chaz yelling at me. 


C: YO' JUSTIN! JUSTIN! JUSTIN! Earth to Bieber! 

J: What?

R: You were starring at that girl over there, werent you? 

J: What? Me, starring? Pssh, no. *looks down* 

C: *looks over at Nicole and back at Justin* Justin, seriously bro come on. She is ugly. She would never fit in with us. She is a nerd, a geek, a nobody. Look at her, she got nerd glasses on. What could you possibly find so attractive about that freak show? 

R&J are just starring at Chaz in shock cause they never heard him talk about a girl like this. 

J: Chaz, its not about what girls look like. Its about their inner beauty and their personality. 

R: yea, with that attitude your never gonna get a girlfriend. unless you want a slut like Caitlin. 

R&J laugh

Chaz walks over to Nicole. 

C: hey, freak show. 

Nicole ignores him.

C: HEY! im talking to you, whore. 

Nicole still ignores him.

C: HELLO?!? I know you can hear me, bitch. 

Nicole looks at him. 

N: what? 

C: oh, nothing. I just wanted to say i saw you starring at my friend Justin over there and i wanted to let you know that you got no chance with him. He dont date UGLY, FAT, girls like you. *takes off her glasses, snaps them in half then throws them on the ground and steps on them. smirks* have fun getting home, whore.  *walks away and goes back to justin and ryan* 

R&J: WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!? Your such a dick chaz. Just.. Dont bother talking to us again. *both kick hiim in the balls, chaz leaves*

N: *sighs and talks to herself and thiinks nobody heard her* Great, we moved here and its starting all over again. *sits on the ground since she cant see* I just wanna die. *starts to cry*

Justin runs over to her and sits beside her and pulls her in his lap. 

J: shh, its ok. itll be alright. 

Nicole cuddles up to him then falls asleep.

J: hey ry, im gonna take her to my house.

R: you really like her, huh? 

J: Yea, i do. *smiles*

R: *pats his back* you get her, just dont hurt her. as we can see of today, she has had a rough past. 

J: i know. i would never hurt a girl. you know that. imma go. see ya. 

Justin carries her to his house and lays her down in his bed.

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