New Girl

Hi, my name is Nicole and i am from Nashville, TN I live with my mom her name is Amber, dad his name is Vince, and my older brother his name is Austin. My dad just got a new job offer in Ontario, Canada so he toke it, unfortunately and we are moving within 2 weeks. And im kinda glad we are because here, i have no friends. im a nerd. i just hope to make new friends in Canada. Austin doesnt wanna move cause you know he is 'Mr. Popular.'

Read to find on what happens when Nicole and her family moves to Canada. Will she make any friends? Will she still be a nerd?

By the way, Justin isnt famous in this story.


10. A/N


GUYS, I saw Justin in concert July 12 when he came to Columbus! My best friend nearly killed me though cause she isn't a belieber and i had floor seats! 

It was like the BEST NIGHT EVER!

There were also these 3 boy beliebers there that had made these shirts that said ' REAL MEN RESPECT BIEBER' everyone and I mean EVERYBODY was asking for pictures with them. I even got one with them! They were super nice!

And get this, I made a scrapbook for Justin, and I waited at the gate from 2pm till 6pm and Justin, the dancers, nor did Tay James or ANYONE come out. :/ and at the door, they made me throw the scrapbook away!

The concert was PERFECT! But there were these 2 bitchy moms in front of us, and just... yea. :p

And i SWEAR on my life Justin and I made eye contact like so many times it was unbelievable.

After the concert we went back to the gate to wait to see if i could hopefully meet Justin or someone from the crew but i didn't.

And Lauren and I were gonna go to the club that Tay James was gonna be at but she wasn't feeling well. And we SHOULD'VE went cause JUSTIN was there.

But that was the best experience ever.


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