On Your Knees

1) If your under 16 you shouldn't be reading this, there is a reason it's rated red.
2) Nothing in this book has been copied from another person, if it seem's like it has it wasn't on purpose.
3) I don't want time wasted my people telling me to update, I'll update when I'm ready. (Plus a helpful comment is more likely to get me to update, that doesn't mean "It's good")
4) None of the things that happen in the book are true.
5) You have to actually read the book to find out who this is a FanFic about, no clues from this Blurb or the Title.


1. The Advert

I was unsure how to write an advert for what I was wanting. It's not like I can put straight what I want:



A strong willed dominant guy,

With no respect for women,

Needing to be broken, to my whim.

Over 18's only.

You must live in the UK.


How well do you think that would go? Though as a laugh I could always try while I write an actual notice, besides it's not like I'm going to get a reply. Quickly, before I change my mind, I press enter. Message posted. The advert is now posted worldwide and all it took was one click of a button. Almost instantly I get a reply.

Please will you be my Master. How about no? I can already see him grovelling beneath me, no fun at all, so I send him a no. I was actually quite surprised at how many comments my post was getting.

Who do you think you are?


Let me know when you've found someone.

And many more comments of submissive guys wanting, no needing, a master. 

I add them to my friend-list. Then I order them all not to bother me until I talk to them.


Yes, finally the message I'm looking for arrives.

I'd like to see you try. The cocky bastard has 407 likes on his comment. In order to save my reputation I reply to him, It's on.  He send's me a friend request, I accept, before messaging him, telling him to meat me at the cafe opposite Big Ben in two hours. Not caring if he reply's or not, I log off.

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