On Your Knees

1) If your under 16 you shouldn't be reading this, there is a reason it's rated red.
2) Nothing in this book has been copied from another person, if it seem's like it has it wasn't on purpose.
3) I don't want time wasted my people telling me to update, I'll update when I'm ready. (Plus a helpful comment is more likely to get me to update, that doesn't mean "It's good")
4) None of the things that happen in the book are true.
5) You have to actually read the book to find out who this is a FanFic about, no clues from this Blurb or the Title.


2. A Two Hour Wait

Printing off a picture of him, so I know what he looks like when I see him, was fairly easy. Once I typed his name into Google and loads of pictures of the same person came up. The same person as the one in his photos. Looking down at my watch I still have an hour and fifty minutes left until he has to be there.


However I might make him wait for lesson 1. I lift my top off revealing a red lace bra that would tease him later which I un-clip and remove. Gently I pull down my short shorts to show off my clean shaven pussy. Looking carefully you could see i'm wet and I'm not on about sweat. With one hand I turn the shower on cold to help me relax, where as with the other hand I slide a finger in.


I don't remember stepping into the shower. Though it doesn't help that the only thing I'm thinking about is his huge hard cock pounding into me deep and fast only for him to pull out after I've received my pleasure. The smirk creeps up onto my face, "And him left with a raging boner, " I mutter, thinking out loud. I could imagine it all. Him kneeling before me, licking me out; all because I asked him to. Suddenly I'm panting, my legs turned to jelly. It's all happened too soon, too quick, Stepping onto the smooth marble floor, I notice the clock.


Shit! More time has past than I thought I only have twenty minutes to get there. Well he only has twenty minutes to get there.  Personally I have as long as I want. Grabbing the soft fluffy towel - given to by by one of my sex slaves - I dry myself. Standing in front of the full length mirror I put the crimson lace bra on, only to take it off again. Which will tease him more, I think to myself, with or without? Today I'll go for with as it will draw his eyes down. Reaching out I grip my tight almost-see-through white shirt. Once I decide to leave the top four buttons undone I pull out my leather skirt and add that to the mix.


It's short. I mean dead short. It barely covers my ass; well that is why I choose it. Slowly I slide on a red thong to match the bra. To finish the outfit off I pull on some nude tights and bright red heels. I bend over, perfect, I smile. A quick splash of make-up and I'm done. With fives minutes left.


Locking my door as soon as I've pulled my purse though the rapidly narrowing gap. "Taxi," I call out as I walk purposely onto the pavement. 

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