I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


73. Who's Larry Stylinson?

Author's POV

On their ride home Harry pays attention to every single detail outside. He giggles as he sees the streets and sees people walking, talking and having fun. As soon as they get to the flat Harry looks at Louis confused.

'Anything wrong?'- Louis asks

'Well, this building looks ... f-fancy?'- Harry says confused

'Oh, yeah .... hmmm well we get a discount for been in school'- he lies- 'and well my family is .... hmmm ...r-rich?'

'Oh'- Harry says looking around

'Yeah'- Louis smiles getting off the car

Immediately he walks to Harry's door and opens it for him, Harry smiling shyly.

'Right this way Ms. Styles'- Louis says showing him the way

Harry blushes a little bit, Louis is been really nice with him.

'L-Lou'- Harry whispers

'Yes?'- Louis says with a warm smile

'Hmmm .... c-can'- Harry stops- 'forget it'

'Hey'- Louis says putting his hand on Harry's chin- 'come on, tell me!'

'It's s-silly'- Harry says shamed

'Come on, tell me'- Louis teases him

'C-can I-I h-hold y-yo-ur ha-nd?'- he whispers

Louis laughs and take Harry's hand in his hand ''let's go!'' Louis says showing him the way again. When they get to the flat Harry still looking around, paying attention to everything single detail.

'Everything looks amazing!'- Harry says delighted

'Yeah, we kinda love to have everything in order'- Louis says smiling

'Yeah, I noticed that already'- Harry smiles

'Yeah, do you want to rest?'- Louis asks curious

'Y-yeah'- Harry says sleepy

'Okay, right this way!'- Louis says showing the bedroom

'S-o t-tell m-me m-more a-about m-m-e'- Harry says as he follows Louis

'Well, you're from Holmes Chapel. I met you in this singing competition, you love singing. Singing is your passion,  singing it's what you love the most, did I mentioned you love singing?'- Louis jokes- 'You love to wear your Ramones' t-shirt because you truly love that band. I know that you don't like to wear clothes around the flat. You love apple juice, you drink it every morning meanwhile you eat some French toast with blue raspberry syrup and butter on top. You love frozen yogurt, strawberry frozen yogurt to be specific with chocolate chip, coconut, mango, oatmeal on top. When you sleep you like to keep one of yours legs out of the cover because if you don't,  you're either too cold or too hot'- Louis giggles- 'You like ..'

'Are y-you su-re we're j-just f-friend?- Harry asks nervously

'Y-yeah, actually no ..... we're best friends'- Louis says hugging Harry

For a second, both of them feel comfortable on each other's arms. They let it go and look at each other.

'This way Ms. Styles'- Louis says

Harry and Louis enter the room, Harry look around. He notices the fancy furniture.

'This is my room?'- Harry amazed

Louis stays quite for a second because the  flat only have one room

'A-actually this is o-our room'- Louis corrects him

'O-our?'- Harry asks curious

'Y-yeah, this flat it's o-one bedroom and one bathroom'- Louis explains

'Oh, s-so w-we s-sleep t-together? Harry whispers

'Y-yeah, I m-mean no'- Louis whispers too

'O-oh'-Harry says shyly

'G-go ahead! You need to rest'- Louis pauses- 'a-and d-don't w-worry I'll sle-ep on t-the c-ou-ch'

'A-are y-you s-sure?'- Harry asks looking at him

'Y-yeah'- Louis says smiling

'Becauseifyouwantyoucansleepherewithme'- Harry says fast

'That's okay, thank you anyways'- Louis smile

'Y-you do-ont want t-to s-sleep with m-me?'- Harry asks in a sad tone

'No silly, I'm drying to sleep with you, but ....'- he pauses, God knows he's literally drying to sleep with him- 'but you need to get rest and have privacy'

'O-oh, b-but are you g-gonna check out on me o-often?'- Harry asks making a face that's impossible to say no to that face

'Of course, I'm your roommate remember?'- Louis laughs

'Y-yeah, actually I-I don't r-remember t-that'- Harry jokes

'Oh Lord,  I'm sorry I forgot!'- Louis apologies

'Just kidding'- Harry says laughing at Louis' face

'Well, I'll be out there! Get some sleep and then come down and we gonna eat something'- Louis says as he leaves the room

All this will be hard for Louis because he's the one who remembers everything that happened between them. Obviously it'll be hard for Harry but it's not compared to Louis. Days start to pass by, One Direction make it offical they're taking a break, they don't really know how long the break it's going to be but they just letting know to fans that everything will be okay when Harry gets his memory back. Days start to pass really fast again, today it's Agust 17, 2014 Harry's and Louis' anniversary. Four years, four years of standing up for what they believe it's right even though they're standing up alone, well actually not alone because most of the 1Dfamily are Larry Shippers.

'Are you okay?'- Harry asks as he enters the room

'Yeah, I'm just a little bit nervous because I'm having finals these week!'- Louis lies

Harry still think they're just two regular normal boys who go to the university.

'You'll do fantastic!'- Harry says trying to cheer him up

'Thanks buddy!'- Louis says as he hugs Harry

The hugs and the kisses when they say' bye' or' hi' are normal now

'Are Eleanor, Niall, Liam, Perrie and Zayn coming in today!?'- Harry asks as he sits next to Louis

'I dunno, why?'- Louis asks curious

'Because I want to see Eleanor'- Harry blushes when he says Eleanor's name

'What?'- Louis asks curios and trying to control his voice's tone

'Y-yeah, hmmm I t-think I-I have a c-crush o-on E-Eleanor'- Harry whispers

Louis' heart falls to his stomach,  he can't believe that Harry has a crush on Eleanor Calder,  for fuck's sake, he has a motherfucking crush on Eleanor Calder. Yeah Eleanor had been nice with them, specially Harry these pass weeks but come on everybody knows it's because she wants them to be together forever like Edward and Bella.

'W-what?'- Louis says surprised

' I think I like Eleanor'- Harry says clearly

'But, hmmm ....'- Louis pauses for a second to think about what to say

'She won't ever date a guy like me'- Harry says looking to the ground- 'a stupid guy with no memory, no life'

'What!? No, it's not that! Anybody, I mean anybody will die to date you, you're an amazing human being,  you're so gently,  you're so sweet, so kind, so unique, so special, you Harry Edward Styles, you are one of the kinda! I bet you God was showing off when he created you because you're perfect'- Louis says in the sweetest tone he has ever speaks in- 'you're truly amazing!'

Harry's green eyes are drowning in tears, he just can believe that another human being can express about him like the way Louis just did.

'Thanks, Lou!'- Harry hugs Louis

Louis puts his face on Harry's chest, Harry's scent penetrates on his noise, it's like a drug for him.

'No problem'- Louis smiles- 'but you know, hmm Eleanor is dating Niall'

'Yeah, I kinda suspect that'- Harry laughs- 'the way they look at each other is so amazing, I want to have a love like their'

''Eleanor wanted to have a love like OURS!'' Louis thinks

'Yeah, I think their love it's amazing!'- Louis says smiling

'But I still think she's so pretty'- Harry says blushing

'Yeah, she is'- Louis whispers

'D-did y-you e-ever ha-ve a girl-friend?'- Harry asks nervous

'Y-yeah back in 2009-2010'- Louis explains

'W-what happened? Where is she?  I mean if you want to tell me ...'

'Well in 2010 I met these beautiful person and everything about that person was beautifully amazing, the person was charismatic, magnetic, with a  light so bright in his eyes that bright up the world like nobody else did. The person stole my heart since day one.... The person wasn't afraid to be itself, the person is so beautiful, so unique, so amazingly perfect ..... and until this day the person still have my heart and always will ....'- Louis says in tears

'It's so beautiful how you express about her'-Harry hugs Louis tight- 'why you two aren't together?'

'Because ..... because people make everything in their power to separate us, to keep is apart, we wanted to fight, we wanted to be free but ..... but I gave up .... or at least I made the person think that I gave up, I just wanted to protect that person, I want to protect it so badly that I ended up messing everything....'

'Everything in this life has a solution,  we just have to find it'- Harry strokes Louis' cheek

'Yeah, b-but that person is g-gone ....'- Louis cries

'Do you really love her!?'- Harry asks serious

'With everything I have!'- Louis whispers

'Then, we gonna find a solution and you guys will ended with the most beautiful happily ever after that has ever exist'- Harry says in a cheerful tone

'I don't think it'll wo....'

'Not negative attitude!'- Harry interrupts him

'But I gave up'- Louis protests

'If she didn't give up it's because she still believe that it could be possible to be together again, if she didn't give up that's everything we need ....'- Harry smiles

Everything turns out better than Louis had think. Now Harry is obsessive to find the 'girl' and make sure that Louis and her make up again, little does he knows that the 'girl' it's him. Months pass by, September, October, November, December and Harry still doesn't remember anything, not a single little thing. All this time Harry is been just at the flat, sometimes he uses the internet when he gets bored but to much because he doesn't really what to look.

December 24, Louis' birthday, Harry's been busy all morning cooking a delicious dinner,some cupcakes and a cake. He's throwing a party and everybody it's invited,  all this months he's been thinking about Eleanor but not in a romantic way, she's a really good friend but he doesn't feel the same thing on his stomach that he feels when he is with Louis .... wait, what? Yep, Harry is feeling things but he's not sure if it's just in a friendly way or it's more than that. Everything is ready for Louis' birthday,  the flat is decorated with balloons, and a big sing that says ''Happy 23th Birthday Boo!'' Later on Eleanor, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Danielle,  Perrie, Anne, Gemma, Jey and the Tomlinson sisters are on their flat waiting for Louis to come home. When they hear someone at the door everybody hides, as soon as Louis opens the door everybody screams ''Happy Birthday!'' A big smile is draw on Louis' lips amd the first person he looks at it's to Harry.

'Happy Birthday Boo Bear!'- Harry says giving him a hug

In this months they've learned so much about each other, the nicknames they used to call, the things they like and dislike,  Harry almost knows everything about Louis, almost.

'Thank you! You didn't have to do this'- Louis says looking around him

'It's your birthday and this is the least I could've done after everything you have done for me'- Harry giggles

'Happy birthday sweet heart!'- Jay walks to Louis' side

Every single one say happy birthday to Louis before they sit at the table to eat the delicious dinner that Harry made. He made chilled chicken, with mush potatoes and green beans, a really healthy dinner but Louis is used to it already.

'Did you cook this?'- Gemma asks surprised

'Yeah, now that I've spending a lot of time in the flat I look for receipts on the internet and cook them'- Harry explains

'You have to come live with me'- Niall says after eating a piece of chicken- 'this is delicious!'

'Sorry mate but he's not going anywhere!'- Louis quickly adds

Eleanor looks at him and giggles, they dance, walk the night away before they all know it's already 12 a.m. Louis' birthday is on Wednesday so by this time everybody starts to leave the flat because they have to go to school or work the next day. When they all gone, Louis starts cleaning around.

'What are you doing?'- Harry asks confused

'Cleaning?'- Louis explains

'I know, I mean just leave that there and to go sleep, you have to go to work tomorrow'- Harry takes the dishes out of Louis' hand- 'I'll do them tomorrow'

Yep, Louis has a full time job. He doesn't need it but he has to work so he can says that the money that he has it's because of that. He went back to school too, he's taking graphic design but he's on winter vacation.

'Thank you'- Louis says as he hugs Harry

'Welcome'- Harry smiles- 'you know, because it's Christmas you should sleep with me on the bed'

Louis smiles, he's been sleeping on the couch just to give Harry privacy on their room.

'I mean if that's okay with you'- Harry adds as soon as he sees that Louis doesn't answer

'That would be perfect'- Louis smiles

'Let's go then'- Harry says as he walks to the bedroom

Both of them lie down on bed, just wasting time. Harry admires Louis' face for a second and thinks how pretty this boy is. His crystal blue eyes, his amazing straight brown hair, the way his nose moves when he's sleeping. On Harry's mind the definition of perfect is Louis William Tomlinson.

Days start to pass by again, everything in their life is 'normal' for Harry, he hasn't remember anything yet, all though Louis is been really patient with him. Harry's 21th birthday is coming on, Louis is excited because his baby will be 21. One day Louis starts to clean everything around the flat, he's cleaning Harry's room when he finds a piece of paper. He stares at it for a few seconds before opening it!

''I wish I could go to Paris for my 21th birthday,  I bet it's amazing!''

Louis immediately recognizes Harry's hand writing, he laughs at the fact that Harry and boys had been there so many times before, but obviously Harry doesn't remember that. So it's there when it hits him, Harry's birthday is coming up and that will be the perfect birthday present ever. Harry's birthday it's in one week and Louis has everything ready, he knows Harry will love the surprise.

'Hazz'- Louis says as he enters the living room

'Hey'- Harry greets him

'Hmm... pack your suit case'- Louis says nervous

'W-why?'- Harry asks curious

'Because .... because we are going to ... to America'- Louis lies

'To America?'

'Yep, America'- Louis smiles

'Oh! a-and what are we gonna do over there?'- Harry asks

'Hmm, well we hmm.. your doctor was talking me and says they have better treatment over there'- he lies

'Oh, and when are we leaving?'

'in two days'- Louis whispers

'Oh, ok so a better start packing'- Harry whispers

'Yep'- Louis says as he walks to the closet to pack his clothes

Two days after that, Louis and Harry are on the airport waiting for their fly to 'America'.

'I'm nervous'- Harry whispers

'Why?'- Louis asks curious

'I dunno, I'm just a little excited,  and beside tomorrow it's my birthday'- he explains

'Well, we will be in America by tomorrow'- Louis smiles

Both of them take the fly to Paris, Harry doesn't know yet. When they land on Paris Louis' mind is flooded with memories of what happened the last time when they were here. Louis wants to cry so bad but he stops because he doesn't want to scare Harry. ''Bienvenue à Paris'' the captain says over the speaker. 

'Paris?'- Harry asks confused

'Happy Birthday!'- Louis says excited

'You have to be kidding me!'- Harry says delighted

'No, I'm not'- Louis smiles- 'I know you wanted to come so here we are ...'

'You didn't have to'- Harry says looking around the plane

'Yeah, but I wanted to!'

'Thank you!'- Harry says showing the biggest smile ever, his dimples appear on his cheek and that totally make Louis' day.

Harry and Louis go to their hotel which isn't fancy, well at least not too much and stay there for a while getting some rest.

'I would like to take you out for dinner'- Louis says as he enters the room

Harry blushes at the invitation

'To celebrate your birthday'- Louis quickly adds

'Sure, hmm.... just give me a few seconds'- Harry says getting his coat- 'it's cold outside!'

A few minutes later both of them are in a nice restaurant, Harry seems surprised because the place it's the most beautiful place he has ever see.

'This place is amazing'- Harry comments

'All Paris it's amazing'- Louis says

Louis' French got a little bit better since the last time he was here. They order some food and have a great time.

'I need to use the restroom'- Louis says excusing himself

Harry only smiles, Louis goes to the restroom leaving Harry alone in the table. Some girls around the early 20's were talking on the table next to him. He can't listen 100% what they're saying but he hears his name and pays close attention to them.

''You know, I think he's Harry Styles that guy from One Direction'' one of them say ''the one who was dating Louis?'' The other girl asks ''yeah, Harry and Louis! Larry Stylinson!'' She says with a big smile on her face.

For a second Harry thinks about that name ''Larry Stylinson'' tons and tons of questions hunt his mind. Louis comes back to the table smiling but his smile disappeared when he sees Harry's face.

'Are you okay?'- Louis sits

'Y-yeah .... I-I think I h-heard some-thing b-but I d-don't know if it's t-true'- he says nervously

'And what's that?'- Louis says as he drinks his white wine

'L-Larry S-Stylinson?'- Harry whispers

Louis' heart drops to his stomach,  the only thing he can think of it's how the hell Harry knows about Larry Stylinson.

'Who's Larry Stylinson?'- Harry asks confused

'Hmm .... I think we should have this conversation in the hotel room'- Louis says ash he asks for their check


'Because .... b-because it's gonna be easy that way'- Louis explains

They get to the hotel in record time, Louis is so nervous,  he doesn't really know how is he gonna explain everything to Harry. When they get to their hotel room Louis turns on his laptop ''Who's Larry Stylinson'' Harry's voice fill up the empty room.

'Take a seat'- Louis says smiling

Harry takes a seat in front of the desk where Louis' laptop is placed

'L-Larry S-Stylinson it's y-you a-and ..... m-me'- Louis whispers without looking into Harry's green eyes

'Y-you and m-me?'- Harry asks curious

'Y-yep .... everything started when we both auditioned for the x factor UK as a solo artists. I met you on the auditions in Manchester. We made it through to boot camp but sadly we didn't make it to the judge's houses as solo artists. Simon and the other judges decided to put you, me, Niall, Liam and Zayn in a boy band'- Louis pauses to see Harry's reaction but his face has no reaction whatsoever- 'we made it to the judge's house and then to the live shows. On the live shows everybody could see our chemistry, so the fans decided to call our bromance ''Larry Stylinson''

Louis shows Harry all their performs at the live shows and the video diaries. Harry notices the chemistry between them, he is 100% sure that it wasn't just a bromance ''and I'd marry you Harry'' Harry hears Louis' voice coming from the speakers.

'You and I'- Harry whispers

'You and I'- Louis repeats

'D-did w-we .... d-date?'- Harry barely speaks

'Y-yeah'- Louis says breathless

Louis explains everything to Harry from the first day when they met at the x factor's toilets to the last day when he had the accident. Harry just stares at the laptop screen trying to process all the information.

'I-it's o-okay if you don't w-want any-thing w-with m-me a-anymore but please, p-please d-don't p-push m-me a-away from .... y-you, I promise you I'll never gonna try to do something that you don't want or you feel uncomfortable with .... but please don't take me out of your life, p-please!'- Louis begs

Vas Happenin'? *Zayn's gorgeous accent*

Holy shit, I want to cry! I can't believe this is the last chapter :'( well I'll update the epilogue so yeah stick around for that! Believe me I cried when I wrote this chapter so if you cry when you read it thrust me you weren't the only one :'( please don't hate me, I know I hate cliffhanger too but I'll try to update the epilogue as soon as I can! Leave your comments on the section below, you know they mean the entire world for me! Thank you  so much for the views (2.5k) and all the amazing things you guys do! YOU GUYS ROCK! Stick around new chapter (the epilogue) is coming soon so don't forget to come back and check it out! Love you from the bottom of my Larry heart, Astrid :)x


Ps: I hate to see Louis sad :'( I'm a Louis' girl so yeah I just hate to see him sad or mad or depressed cuz that depressed me too :( *sobbing*

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