I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


56. The Engagement

Eleanor's POV

Management had the stupid idea that Louis and I commit ourselves in marriage. I knew the lie that Louis told Harry about falling in love with me didnt kill, this lie would! This lie was separating me from Niall, sometimes he could be so insecure and that scared me.

'Niall'- I whispered in a sweet tone

He didnt answer me

'Niall!'- I said again- 'Come on! Talk to me'- I hugged him

'What do you want me to say? Congratilations?'-He pulled himselve away from me

'Dont do this to me!'- I cried

'Do what?'- He looked at the ground

'Niall, you are the one and the only! I Love you more than myself'- I hugged him tight

'Ellie!'- he kissed my hair

'I Love you Niall!'- I whispered to his ear

'I Love You more!'- He kissed my lips

Our lips met in a warm kiss, everything around me stopped. I felt his warm breath on my mouth, I could hear his heart beating a little fast. A smile grew on my lips, he noticed and smiled too. He stroked my back from top to bottom which gave me groosebumps all over my body. I felt his fingertips on my skin as he lift me up, right away I put my legs around his waistline. He sat on the couch, I was in top of him. I could feel his member between my thighs, an awkward smile grew on my lips. He notice it and kissed me wildly.

'I Love you!'- I whispered

'I Love You too!'- He smiled

I put my breasts up to his chin, he ran his hands on my sides from bottom to top, when he reached my breasts he stoped the kiss and smiled at me. Right away he took my shirt off, I smiled as I closed my eyes, I felt his breath in between my breasts. A quite moan escaped from my mouth, I felt his tongue licking between them, a louder moan eacaped from my mouth. I put my head in the back of his head and played with his hair. I felt his hands stroking my breasts as he was kissing them. He moved his hands to my back to unbuttom my bra, I breathed heavily. Niall got close to me, I felt his skin on my skin. He started liking my chest until he reached my lips. Once again our lipset in a warm kiss. I started moving my lips, I felt Niall's tongue dancing in my mouth. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment even more. My hands started exploring his body. I started on his back, went a little up to his neck. He started playing with my hair, Niall slowly began stroking it with intensity, which made me want him even more. He lay me on the couch, right away passed his hands through from chest to the buttom of my pants. He stopped and looked at me, I smiled as I said 'yes'. He unbuttoned it and started kissing my belly. A soft moan scaped from my mouth which made him smile.

'Stop teasing me!'- I said as I bit my lower lip

'Im not teasing you!'- He licked my belly

'Kiss me!'- I pulled him close to my lips

'Wait, I have to do something else'- he took my pants off- 'Now if you excume me'- he took off my panties

He jumped on top me what took my breath away. He put his arms on my shoulder amd starred at me. I was a bit uncomfortable but I just smiled.

'Why am I naked and you're not?'- I asked when I noticed he still dressed

'I dont know'-he laughed

'I'll take care of that!'- I said taking his shirt off

My fingers were dancing on his abs until I reached the top of his pants. I unbuttoned then, he took them off, same thing with the boxers. I jumped on top of me again, by the blow he left me breathless which made me caughed.

'Are you okay?'- he asked worry

'Yeah!'- I kiss his lips again

Our lips met in a warm/wildly kiss. I could felt his warm breath on my mouth, he licked my lower lip as he entered me. It didnt hurt like the first time, this time was more enjoyable. He didn't move until I adjusted him, he slowly started moving his hips, and so did I. My body started moving to the rhythm of his thrusts which made him kiss me more passionately. I felt like no air was getting to my lungs, I needed air but I didnt want to stop the kiss. He stopped the kiss in my lips and started kissing my neck as he thrusted in and out of me. I could feel his warm breath on my skin which was draving me insane. I put my hand on his blonde hair and started playing with it, I wrapped my legs around his waistline. He sucked my sweet  spots, every inch of my body had a little love bit. His member got off me, he made a move that left me on top of him.

'Im a little cold'- I complained

'Come here!'- He wrapped his arms and legs around me

'Still cold!'- I laughed

'Not funny'- he laughed

'You know that I Love you, right?'- I asked as I stroked his hair

'Yeah .... '

'And you know the you are the only one, right?'- I smiled

'Yea!'- He smiled

'My point is that no matter what I have to do you have to know that Im doing this because I know somehow after all this is over we gonna have our happely ever after!'- I kissed his lips

'Im sorry if I reacted the way I did, its just .... Its hard'- He apologized

'Baby, dont worry I knew you didnt mean it!'- I hugged him tight

'So .... Louis told Harry that he loves you?'- he whispered

'Yeah'- I said dissapointed

'But .... Why?'- he asked confused

'Because he's an idiot'- I looked at the ciling- 'I dont get it how he can distroy the most beautiful love I ever seen, how he cant see that?'

'I dont know'- He whispered

Niall and I fall asleep, I was tired. The next day it was going to be the day where we announce our engagement to the other boys and to the world. The next morning Louis called me early in the morning.

''Where are you?''

''At Niall's place''

''come to my apartment now, remember its dangerous''

''Im going dad!''

'I have to go'- I whispered to Niall's ear who still sleep

'Dont go!'- He hugged me

'I dont want to but I have to!'- I cried

'Hey! Dont cry'- He hugged me tight- 'I Love you baby!'

'I Love you more mi niño bonito!'- I kissed his nose

'What does that mean?'- he asked confused

'my beautiful boy'- I smiled

'I Love you!'- he yelled

'I Love you more!'- I jumped into his arms- 'I have to go'

I got in my feet and walked to the door, I turned aroun and blew him a kiss. I went to Louis' apartment as soon as I could, when I got there he was waiting for me in the front door

'Finally you here!'- he hugged me- 'We have to tell the boys'

'I already told Niall'- I whispered

'What?'- he asked surprice

'I already told Niall!'- I repeated

'and what did he said?'- he opened the door

'Well, he is taking this the best he can'- I said as I walked to the couch

'I want to talk to Harry'- he said sitting next to me

'Why you dont do it?'

'because he doesnt want to talk to me ...'- he looked at the ground

'yeah, but do you remember I told you dont lie to him?'- I complained

'Not now Eleanor!'

'So when? When are you going to tell him thay you dont love me!?'

'Eleanor I cant! You cant!'- He cried

'I dont know anything anymore!'- I sighed

Louis' phone rang, it was 6 i  the morning and Marco was already calling him

''Hello'' Louis smiled at me ''Okay, give me a second'' He out the phone on speaker ''Go head''

''Hello Eleanor''

''Hi Marco''

''As you guys know, today we'll aunnoce your engagement! We are going to talk to the boys ''

''Harry is going to be there?'' I asked

''No.... He has to do something else''

''Okay, so at what time are we going to talk to the boys?''

''Around 10''


Louis put the phone on his ear again, I didnt pay attention at what were they saying, my mind was busy thinking about Harry ... A few days ago I seen him a little bit strange

'Go to sleep!'- Louis pushed me- 'I bet you didnt sleep last night'- he smiled

'Yes, I did!'- I laughed

I went to sleep, I woke up around 9am. I took a showers and got ready.

'so, where are we going!?'- I asked as I got into the car

'The studio'- he answered without looking at me

When we got out side the building there were a lot of paparazzi. I just put my head doen and tried to smile. When we finally got to the studio the other boys were there already. When I saw Niall I wanted to run and kissed him but I didnt. He looked at me and smiled, I greet him.

'Hi Niall!'- I hugged him

'Ellie!'- he stroked my back

Groosebumps ran all over my body because of his touch.

'I Love you'- I whispered to his ear

'I Love you more'- he whispered back

'Hi Liam, hi Zayn!'- I hugged both of them

Like Marco said, Harry wasnt there, I felt bad because I knew he was suffering for the lie that Louis told him. We went to the studio where they rehearse, Marco and Harry were there!

'Hi'- I greet Harry

'Hello'- he said without looking at me

'Well, we here to let you guys know that Louis and Eleanor will get marry, so we need you to congradulate them on Twitter, like always we are trying to make good publicity out of this! Please dont fuck this up!'- Marco said

'and the rest of the world, when are they going to know it?'- Zayn asked

'Soon, maybe tomorrow! But dont congratule them until its official'- he explained

'Are you okay, Harry?'- Niall asked

'yeah'- He berly spoke

'Well, pretty much thats everything! You can go now!'- He said as he legt the room

'Go talk to him!'- I ordered to Louis

'No, he doesnt want to talk to me'- he looked to the ground

'How do you know?'- I asked

'becaise I would do the same thing, and beside I know Harry'- He said wiping his tears

'Harry come over here!'- I yelled

'No, thank you!'- he left

'See, I told you!'- Louis cried

'Why do I have to do it all myself?'- I followed Harry- 'STOP!'

'What do you want?'- he turned around to face me

It was there when I saw dark circles around his eyes, he's face looked really tired. He was alittle bit pale, I noticed some yellow spots in his skin.

'Are you okay?'- I asked worried

'Why should I?'- He looked at the sky

'Harry! Im so sorry!'- I cried

'You dont need to apologize, you fall for him for the same reason I did!'- he looked at me

'Harry'- I whispered

'Dont worry! Just make him happy!'- He turned around and started walking

'Harry!'- I screamed but he didnt come back

I went back to the studio, Louis still there. Niall, Zayn and Liam where with him.

'Lets go to Louis' aparatment!'- I said- 'We need to talk about this'

We all went to Louis' apartment, I wishes Harry had listen to me but he didnt and I couldnt do anything to change his mind.

'So you guys are really getting merry?'- Zayn asked

'I guess'- I looked at Niall

'But, you love Harry!'- Liam said to Louis

'Yeah but this odiot told Harry that he loves me and now Harry thinks that Im his happiness!'- I said pointing at Louis

'I just want to protect him!'- Louis said

'but you're not!'- Liam quickly added

'You're not'- I whispered

'Just stop!'- Louis said screaming his lungs out

I didnt know exactly what was going on but I knew Harry qasnt okay so I dicided to go to talk to him at his apartment.



Yahoo News:

One Of The Member Of One Direction Is Engage To His Girlfriend Eleanor Calder!

New York Times:

Louis Tomlinson is Engage To Eleanor Calder, But Isn't Too Soon?

LA Times:

Elounor Are Engage! Wondering What Harry Styles Thinks About It!

♪ In my memory, all the small things, like daggers in my mind. In my memory, while my head bleeds, the words I'll never find. That I always meant to say to you I can't ♪ (Turn Your Face! Amazing song by Little Mix) Vas Happenin'? *Zayn's sexy accent* Going back to the chapter, As you can see Eleanor wont give up until she makes Louis undertand that he's not protecting Harry, but will Eleanor make him understand in time? Please leave your comments in the section below, you know they mean the entire world for me! Thank you to every single one of you how take the time to read this fan fiction! Remember new chapter is coming out tomorrow, dont forget tk come back and check it out!!!! Love you from the bottom of my heart, Astrid :)x

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