I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


61. Louis' Birthday

Warming: SMUT! so if You want to keep your innocence or you don't like to read smuts about Larry then DO NOT READ IT!

Author's POV

Its December 24th, the night before Christmas for most of the people but for Directioners,  the Tomlinson family and for Harry Styles its a very important day because its Louis Tomlinson's birthday.  Eleanor decides to make a surprise party for Louis at his apartment to cheer him up a little bit. It was 1pm and Louis is sitting at a bench on the park wondering what Harry is doing right now. But Harry is not doing much, he is just in bed trying to keep his body warm because its fucking frizzing in London right now. Louis decides to go time because he's body its cold enough right now. As soon as he gets inside the door Eleanor gasps and smiles at him.

'What are you doing here?'- she asks confused

'I live here'- Louis laughs

'I mean, you suppose to be here until 7 pm'- Eleanor explains

'Yeah, but its fucking freezzing out side'- He says rubbing his amrs

'Got to Niall's'- Eleanor suggests

'What are you doing?'- he asks as he looks around

'Nothing,  I'm just cleaning this place a little bit'- she lies

'Okay'- Louis says hugging her

He walks to the door and looks at Eleanor one more time 'bye' he mouths. He walks to the elevators to go to Niall's place, he knows Eleanor is planning a surprise party for him and he didn't want to bring her down by telling her he already knew. He stayed with Niall for a fews hours,  he wants to go to Harry's place so bad but he doesnt know what to say, so he stays where he is. Around 7p.m. they go back to Louis' apartment,  everybody its there, expect for Harry. As soon as they get in everybody screams 'surprise!' He can see how happy Eleanor looks so he smiles like never before. A few hours pass by and Kate (Eleanor's aunt) starts taking pictures of the party and posts them on Louis' Twitter.  He doesn't really know about or otherwise he would stop her. One more hour pass by and almost everybody its drunk. There a knock in the door that caught Louis' attention,  he walks to the door and opens it

'Happy Birthday Boo!'- Harry says with an innocent smile

Louis stays in shock for a moment, he wants to move but his body isnt responding the way he wishes. Harry looks at him heartbroken waiting for Louis' answer. As soon as Harry realizes it was a mistake coming to Louis' birthday party he starts walking.

'Hazza!'- Louis says breathless- 'Dont leave me!'

Harry smiles and huggs him. Harry's body feels comfortable on Louis' skin, they havent feel so close in so many months. Louis closes his eyes and breaths Harry's scent which penetrates on Louis' nose. Harry puts his nose close to Louis' hair smelling his new shampoo. They're embrace for a few moments before Louis realizes where they're at, and whats happening in their lifes. They just forget about the world and enjoy the moment but sadly not everything last for ever.

'Happy birthday!'- Harry says again as he stares into Louis' baby blue eyes

Louis' crystal blue eyes are flood in tears as he sees the young boy standing in front of him with a big smile in his face. Harry moans which gaves goosebumps all over Louis' body, Harry smiles as he notices the goosebumps. Harry gets close to Louis' ear and whisperes ''I Love You''. Louis' mind goes blank,  he wasnt expecting that. Louis closes his eyes and smiles as he hugs Harry so tight that is hard for him to breath

'I Love you more!'- Louis says licking Harry's ear

Harry moans as he feels Louis' warm tongue licking on his ear. He releases a deep breath as he tries to think straight,  but how the hell he can think straight when Louis is telling Harry that he loves him after 6 months they've been apart. Louis moves his face close to Harry's, Louis can feel Harry's warm breath on his skin. He closes his eyes as they lips meet in a warm/wild kiss, then tongues are sliding against each other. They kiss each other like if they'll eat each other's lips which it is happening. Harry rubs Louis' amrs, from his shoulders to his fingertips. Harry's hands are now on Louis' legs, he lifts him up and Louis immediately wraps his legs around Harry's waistline.  Harry's puts his arms around Louis' waistline to hold him tight, their lips still together,  they need air but that doesnt make them stop. Harry feels that Louis' lips fill the void that has been in his soul for this last 6 months, he misses Louis' lips on his lips. Louis just knows that this is the best birthday present ever, he'll never forget this day. In part because he knew that Harry still loves him but the most important thung is that he felt Harry's skin on his skin again. Harry begins to talk to the elevator with Louis in his arms, he press the button and suddenly the elevator's door are opens. He walks in and sit Louis on the couch as he stops the elevator giving Louis a seductive smile.

'I gonna give you your birthday present!'- Harry says licking his lips

Louis bits his lower lip as he sees Harry going towards him.
Harry lays on top of Louis holding his weight up with his arms. He kissed him down his neck leaving small love bites all over. Louis mufflers a silent moan as Harry sucks on his sweet spot. He flickes his tongue in circles over the spot causing him to moan loudly, Louis can feel is smirk against his chin, he feels himself getting a hard on and tugs on Harry's shirt. He gets the message and pulls it off quickly as he does the same with his t-shirt, attaching his mouth to Louis' neck after. Louis run his hands up and down on Harry's perfectly shaped abs feeling him moan against his skin. Louis turns them over so he's on top, he straddles him and feel his hardened member against his thigh. He smirks and sucks on Harry's neck running his tongue down his chest over his abs until he gets to his waist, he licks his tongue on Harry's perfect mark V-line. He tugs down his tan chinos quickly with his hands then take off Harry's boxers with his teeth.

'Its your birthday, not mine!'- Harry says breathless

Immediately Harry is on top of Louis again, he starts kissing his lips, then goes a little bit down to his chin, a little bit down to his neck, a little bit down to his chest leaving  love bits and wet kisses all over. He reaches the 'it is what it is' tattoo and spends a few seconds worshiping that with his tongue until he gets to his favorite part of Louis' body, his happy trail. It’s Harry's happy place and he stops for a second to admire it. He gets a wicked grin on his face and then he sticks his tongue out and licks a line from the bottom of Louis' belly button down to where Louis' pubic hair disappears into his blue jeans and now Harry's hard as a rock. Harry can feel Louis' starting to squirm as he licks and sucks at his happy trail. He flattens his tongue against it and then brings his fingers down to pad all the way down the line that he started with his tongue. When Harry's fingers reach the top of Louis' boxers he pulls them off and goes back to straddling,  Harry admires Louis' member for a second before grabbing it. He takes it into his hand and starts stroking it so softly that Louis begins to moan, Louis begins to squirm with pleasure on the couch. Harry takes Louis' member into his his wet mouth and licks it which gives goosebumps all over Louis' body. He is sucking and pumping at the same time which is driving Louis insane.  Louis had not felt this good in this last month but with this birthday gift from Harry resolved everything.  Its not just the amazing blowjob/handjob that he's receiving right now but the fact that Harry still loves him after he told him the he loves Eleanor. Louis starts to release some pre-cum, Harry notices it and just swallows it as he sucks harder and harder. Louis is at his breaking point, he wants to cum so bad. Louis grabs Harry's hair and lifts his head up to make him look at him.

'Im .... I'm clo....'- he doesn't finish the sentence when hw releases his cum on Harry's mouth

Hartu swollows the cum and keep sucking and pumping Louis' cock, he begins to squirm with pleasure on the couch.

'Y- you will be...' he moans- 'the death to me'- he says trying to breath-'I Love you'- Louis says in between moans

Harry just smiles and keeps doing what he was doing, its the first time they do this a such a light up place. Louis notice the dimples on Harry's cheeks as he is sucking Louis' member, seeing  Harry's dimples make Louis moan even louder.  Harry looks at him without stopping and a smile is form is his lips. That just drives Louis to the edge, he starts thrusting into Harry's mouth faster and faster.

' I .... I think'- Louis pauses to breath- 'I'm going ....' he release his hot liquid into Harry's mouth again

Louis grabs Harry and pushs him close to his face, Harry smiles as soon as he sees Louis' face fill with pleasure.

'Holy fuck!'- Louis says kissing Harry

Once again their lips met in a warm/wild/wet kiss. They can stay like that for ever, but suddenly Louis remembers where they're at.

'Hazza, do you really love me?'- Louis asks as he holds Harry tight to his chest

'I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You'- Harry says starring into Louis' crystal blue eyes which are flood in tears

'I need to go back'- Louis says looking at the elevator's door

'Why? You didnt like my present?'- Harry asks confused

'Babe, that was the best present ever!'- Louis says as he holds Harry in his arms- 'but I have to go back'

'But I'm not done yet'- Harry says with a seductive smile

'Stop teasing me'- Louis says in between moans

'Are you ready for more?'- Harry asks  while stroking Louis' leg

'Y-yeah'- Louis says biting his lower lip

Without wasting any time Harry turns Louis around,  leaving him facing the couch.

'Put the beautiful ass up, I gonna make you feel in heaven'- Harry says stroking Louis' legs

Louis does as Harry tells him to, Harry gets out the bag of lube and a condon that he has on his pocket. Harry gets down on his knees and spreads Louis' ass cheeks apart. He then licks the rim of Louis' puckered hole, makinh Louis sudder. He sucks his index finger then slowly push it inside of Louis. Louis moans at Harry's touch, he pulls the finger out and then push it back in again, repeating a few times before adding another finger

'F- fuck Hazza'- Louis says breathless

Louis grabs his own cock and stars to pump his hand up and down his shaft. Harry keeps on fingering Louis' asshole, scissoring his fingers every now and again.  After a few minutes Harry pulls his fingers out and stands grabbing the condon, Louis looks at him confused.

'Condon?'- Louis says surprised

'Do .... mmm.... should I use it?'- Harry asks nervous

'Did you fuck anybody else in this 6 months?'- Louis asks curious

'Of couese no, you are the only one'- Harry says in a sweet tone as he strokes Louis' cheek gently

'Ok then'- Louis says licking his lips

Louis lays on the couch facing Harry, he lays on top Louis as he strokea Louis' leg.

'Are you ready?'- Harry whispers into Louis' ear

He knows this is a little different for Louis because usually Louis is the one who tops.

'I want you inside me'- he barely says

Harry takes his member on hos hand and points it at Louis' bum. He takes a deep breath and push his cock inside Louis,  a loud moan espaces from Louis' mouth as he feels Harry inside of him.

'Are you okay?'- he asks again

'Y- yeah, go!'- Louis says

Harry push his member all thr way in and sighs, waiting for Louis to adjust. Louis nods and Harry begins to move his hips slowly. Harry's chest is against Louis' chest, he is so close that he can hear Louis' heart's beats. Louis hugs him tight as Harry is thrusting in and out of him. More moans escapes from Louis' amd Harry's mouths. Harry feels Louis' legs around his waistline and smile.

'Happy birthday Boo'- he whispers into Louis' ear- 'I Love you!'

'I Love you more!'-  Louis says moaning

They could stay like this for ever but unfortunately nothing least for ever. Harry thurts a likke bit faster,  harder and deeper into Louis as Louis keeps making weird noise.

'Boo .... I'm .... close'- Harry saya breathless

A few moew thurts later Harry ia cumming deep into Louis' arse. They stop to caught their breaths and smile at each other

'I Love You'- Louis says as he loses himself into Harry's green eyes

'I Love you more!'- Harry smiles

They get dress and go back to Louis' apartment where everybody is wondering where is Louis at. He just gets inside without explaining anything. Louis won't remember this night in  part because he is drunk and if he does, he wont really remember everything, bur Harry,  he will remember this night for ever.


But baby if you say you want me to stay I’ll change my mind 'Cause I don’t wanna know I’m walking away If you’ll be mine Won’t go, won’t go So baby if you say you want me to stay, stay for the night I’ll change my mind♪Change My Mind by One Direction xD

Vas Happenin'? *Zayn's cute accent* Yey! Lou and Haz were together again! The first time I wrote this chapter I didnt write this but now I thought about it again and I was like '' fuck it! my boys need to be happy even though if its just for one night'' so I wrote this ;) what do you guys think about it so far? As you can see I chance the point of you because a lot of thing will be happening and I don't want to be changing the POV at every second so I'll write in 3rd person pov (aka Me) Massive thank you to every single person who read this fiction. Please leave your comments in the section below,  you know they mean the entire world for me :) As usual new chapter is coming out on SUNDAY,  dont forget to come back and check it out! Love you from the bottom of my heart, Astrid :)x

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