I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


70. Harry's Letters (Part 6)

Author's POV

Louis walks to the waiting room as fast as his legs can go. When he gets there Harry's mom and sister are there, he comes to them with a smile trying to be strong.

'Hello'- Louis greets

'Hi Boo'- Gemma says

For a moment Louis stays silent, he remembers when Harry used to called him 'Boo'

'I'm sorry!'- Gemma apologies

'Don't worry!'- Louis hugs her- 'any news?'

'No, no yet'- Anne says

'He will be okay Anne!'- Louis says trying to comfort her

'Yeah, he will'- she says with a warm smile

'Why do you go to get some rest and I'll stay here'- Louis told her

'No, I need to see my baby'- Anne says looking around

'Mum! Calm down, we'll see him but not right now okay?'- Gemma tries to calm her

'Yeah, I ....'

''Harry Styles' family'' a person says from the distance. Immediately all of them stand up and walk toward the nurse.

'I'm his boyfriend'- Louis says proudly

'His mum'

'His sister'

'Harry is evolving very well, if he keeps evolving like this very soon he would wake up and you will be able to take him home'- the nurse informs

Anne hugs Gemma and Louis so tight that they can barely breath. Niall, Eleanor, Zayn, Liam, Perrie, and Paul get to the hospital on time to hear the news, all of them scream.

'Can we see him?'- Anne asks

'Sure, but one by one'- she says looking at all of them

'How are we gonna do this?'- Gemma asks

'Well, alphabetical order'- Louis suggests

'So it will be Anne, Eleanor, Gemma, Liam, Louis,Niall, Paul, Perrie and Zayn'- Paul says

'Not fair, I'm always the last one'- Zayn complains

'No, I'll be the last one'- Louis says looking at Zayn

'Are you sure?'- Niall asks

'Yeah, I have a lot to talk to him'- Louis says smiling

'Okay, go Mum'- Gemma says

Everybody gets ready to go inside, they have to wear some special clothe because Harry's still in Urgent Care. Anne is the first one, she takes a few deep breaths before getting inside Harry's room. She walks inside his room straight to his bed ''Hello baby!'' She says stroking Harry's hair ''you know everybody is worry about you .... the world is so quite and boring without you. I remember you used to be the one who made people laugh and you always had everybody's love with that cheesy smile of your. Everybody loves your beautiful dimples, I remember when that girl wanted to stole them from you and you came to me crying because you loved your dimples so much'' the memory play on Anne's head like a movie. It was back on 2000 when Harry was 6 years old a girl named Liliana wanted to stole Harry's dimples because they looked so beautiful every time he smiles. Harry went to crying telling his mum that she wanted to stole his dimples ''I would give them to her mum but I love them so much, they're part of me and don't want to get rite of them'' Harry said to his mum. More mischief's like that came to Anne's mind, she just smiles to the memories. ''You can leave us Harry, you can leave him! He needs you, I have never since a person be so worry about another person like I saw him when he figure out about your accident,  I wasn't with him but when you got here he was worry and I understood that he really loves you even though he was going to get marry with Eleanor. He adores your!'' Anne says stroking Harry's arm, she stares at him for a while. Eventually she realized she have been there for a while ''I'll be outside for a moment because the boys and everybody else want to see you, I love you!' Anne says before giving him a 'see you later' kiss. As soon as Anne gets out of Harry's room Eleanor is ready outside.

'Sorry it took me for ever'- Anne apologies

'That's fine'- Eleanor says with a warm smile

Eleanor hugs Niall before going inside Harry's room, as soon as she's there she smiles at Harry ''Hey Harry'' she says as she walks next to his bed ''I don't really know what to say but you know he always loved you!'' She tries to control her voice ''I mean he told you he loved me because management made him but I sure God he loves you more than you can imagine! You're his sunshine,  you're his life, his reason to live, you're his everything!'' She says wiping her tears ''I honestly don't get it how I let all that happened, I don't really know why I let them force me to marry him, thanks to the gods we didn't get marry. I can't blame him though, he thought he was protecting you he would do anything to protect you, anything! I was the witness if that, he loves you to bits!'' She says with a warm smile ''you can't leave him alone, we all hear the news, you're evolving very well and if you keep evolving like that soon enough you will wake up and have the happily ever after that you and Louis deserve'' she smiles ''his love for you is so pure, so magical, so warm, so amazingly beautiful'' she giggles ''sure God if Niall and I have a baby boy we will name him 'Larry' because you guys give hope to a lot of people who can see through the lies and see you amazing love!'' She smiles again ''I have to leave right now but I promise I'll come back!'' She promises him before leaving the room.

'Gemma'- Eleanor says with a warm smile

Gemma takes some deep breaths and walks to Harry's room. She gasps as soon as she sees him, she notices the shave part on his chocolate curls. She knows he will freak out when he finds out ''hey there'' Gemma greets in a sweet tone ''you know I miss you so much!'' She stands next to Harry's bed ''I can't do this without you, you know you're the only one who kept strong when I couldn't do it anymore. Hazzy you can't leave me, I need you! You saved me and promised me that you would never leave, please don't leave me alone!'' Gemma cries, nobody knows about it but Harry saved Gemma from depression. Gemma was acting weird and Harry noticed but unfortunately he didn't noticing on time, by the time Harry noticed it Gemma had cuts all over her tights, two summer without using short and for Harry it was odd because Gemma used to use short every summer. When Harry found out she was devastated but he helped her through (I wonder what Gemma is gonna think when she knows about him cutting himself). ''Hazzy, remember when I used to call you that and you hated it? Even though you're annoying I love you so much little brother ..... you were the only one who was there for me, you kept me alive  and now I'm willing to do the same thing with you, I gonna keep you alive even if that's the last thing I'll do'' she says as she puts her hand on Harry's hand. ''I love you Hazzy!'' She says kissing Harry's forehead ''I have to go right now because Liam is coming in so, yeah all of them are so worry about but specially him'' she says as she starts walking to the door.

'Payne'- she says smiling

Liam takes a deep breath and walks to Harry's room ''hey mate'' he says as soon as he sees him ''I don't really know what to say I mean you were 'fine' when I saw you last week but know we know that you have leukemia and that destroys my heart'' he grabs Harry's hand ''I'm sorry for not been there when you need me the most, I'm sorry for not noticing that something was wrong with you. I know I'm not the oldest one but but I have the responsibility to protect you guys and I failed you'' he wipes the tears that are running on his cheeks ''I'm so sorry Hazza!'' Liam says as he kisses him on the cheek ''Niall's coming next so I gonna leave right now before he kills me'' he laughs ''I love you Hazza!'' He says leaving the room.

''Dear Lord, finally!'' Niall says as soon as he sees Liam. Without wasting anytime he goes inside Harry's room. ''Hey Hazza!'' Niall says in his adorable Irish accent that Harry loved since day one ''wow, I can't believe everything that's happening, I mean how the hell are you sick and I didn't know about it? I'm so sorry, I should've told you about everything I knew. I knew that Louis didn't love Eleanor, I knew that the wedding was fake ... but I will never do that again'' He smiles ''Never Hazza!'' Niall says holding his hand ''Don’t leave us Harry! Please come back, please wake up …..'' Niall steps aside to Harry’s heart monitor ''You are so special to us ….. you know, for your 3rd year anniversary Louis wanted to give you the engagement ring'' Niall smiles from ear to ear ''To bad that Marco had another plans, but believe me He loves you with everything he has…… Harry you cant leave him alone, you can leave him! He needs you more than anybody else in this world'' Niall looks at his watch ''I’ve been here for a while now, Perrie is gonna kill me. She’s next and she’s really excited to see you …… you know, everybody misses you, I'm going outside so Perrie can come in, but I’ll be back soon, okay?'' He waits as if Harry is going to answer him ''I Love you mate!''

Niall walks to the door and gets outside of Harry’s room, Perrie is a little bit nervous but she wants to see Harry so bad that she is getting mad at Niall because he is taking forever.

‘Oh God! Finally you out!’- She says as soon as she sees Niall

‘Sorry, Harry and I can talk forever even though if he doesn’t say a single word’- Niall smiles

‘Well now its my turn!’- Perrie says opening the door to Harry’s room

''Haz'' She says as soon as she gets in ''I miss you'' she says hugging him ''You know, this world without you is so boring ….. I need you Harry, we need you Harry, He needs you ….. He hadn’t leave your side since he knew about your accident …. You know, he could have traveled on a plane with all the comforts of the world to London, but instead he decided to cum with you on the helicopter in which they transferred to you from Paris'' she says stroking Harry’s curls, well at least the part where the doctors didn’t shave him ''Every time that I see you two, I feel hope …… You know, I had already gave up on human race but when I see you two, I see that is possible that a person can care so much for another person ….. I see how two people fall in love regardless of what gender that other person is, I didn’t actually believe in soul mates until I saw you two'' Perrie says as she remember the first time she saw Harry and Louis together ''You know we always say 'you and me' and we promise to be together forever, but now you have a little bit of me inside you ….'' She smiles ''Some of my blood is running through your veins'' She says tracing her fingertips through Harry's arm ''so you won't get rite of me anytime soon ....'' she giggles ''I love you Haz! You and me, Haz!'' Perrie says smiling,  she wishes that Harry's could say 'You and me, Pezz' she wipes the tears off her cheeks as she tries to be strong ''I'll see you soon, okay? Love you!'' She kisses him before walking to the hallway where Paul is a little nervous because he's next.

''All yours Paul'' Perrie says with a big smile

Paul walks to the room with knowing what is he going to say, he so nervous that he can't think of anything. ''Hey pal'' he says as he opens the door ''how you doing!?'' He laughs at himself ''of course you're not doing good, you in a hospital'' he walks next to Harry's bed ''you know I don't get it why Marco didn't say anything to me I mean your like my son all of you guys are and he just decided to hide this from me, it's not fair'' Paul says covering his face with his palms, one thing that he doesn't know is that Harry didn't want anybody to know so basically that's why nobody knew. Paul is just there, looking at Harry without knowing what to say, he wants to say everything that he feels but some how his mouth seems to have problems with the words ''I have to go now, Zayn was complaining because he was the last one but as you notice Louis hasn't come in yet because he wanted be the last one, I think he has a lot to say I guess, take care'' Paul says before leaving the room.

Paul smiles as soon as he sees Zayn waiting outside, without wasting any time Zayn walks to Harry's room ''Vas happenin'?'' He says remembering that's Harry always laughed when he said that ''life can be cruel sometimes, and I don't get it why you,  I mean you're the sweetest motherfucker ever'' he laughs ''I sure god as soon ad you wake up you and Lou have to come out, and don't think about us, just think about you two and nobody else! It's incredible how much he loves you, I mean he was going to marry another person  just to protect you.... he would give up everything he has to have you by his side and I admire that! And talking about him he's next so I better hurry up of he will kill me'' he laughs ''stay strong Harry,  we all be here for you! Love you mate!'' He says before kissing his cheek, he walks to the hallway knowing that Louis is out there nervous band anxious to see Harry ''You're up my man!'' Zayn says with a warm smile.


Louis takes a few deep breaths as he walks to Harry's room. He feels a bunch of butterflies on his stomach, for sure they're having a party right now. As soon as he's inside the room he smiles at Harry ''Hi baby cakes!'' He says with a big smile ''I miss you'' he tries to control the tears ''you know, I've been reading some of your letters and I don't get it how can I be so bland ..... I, I'm so sorry!'' He days wiping the tears off ''I was so selfish, I was thinking about me all the time, well actually i thought I was protecting you but I wasn't'' he says covering his face ''I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry I ruined everything for us .... I'm so sorry!'' Louis says between sobs ''I Love you more than I can  explain .... I need you, I miss you, I'm nothing without you .....If you die I sure God I'll kill myself just to be next to you'' he says as he places his hand on Harry's hand ''please don't leave me alone, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you!'' Louis keeps repeating over and over again ''don't leave me alone, I know I let you down but please don't leave me alone'' he says as he hugs Harry so tight that he hears the heart's monitor machine making a noise. In few second the doctor and two nurses are on Harry's room to check him.

'I'm sorry Louis but you have to wait outside'- the doctor says pushing Louis to the hallway

Louis doesn't want to get out but he kinda has to ''what happened?'' Anne asks as everybody was around him

'I don't know, the doctor just kicked me out'- he lies

'Louis, what happened?'- Anne asks again

'Harry's heart monitor started making so weird noises and the doctor and the nurses came to see what going on and they just kicked me out'- he explains

No more words to say, Louis walks to the corner of the waiting room to keep reading Harry's letters ....


    How did you do it? I mean you just told me you don't love me anymore and that's not the worst part .... you're in love with Eleanor! What the actual fuck!? How did that happened!? I mean did you date her for real? I'm just so confused right now and I'm not feeling good, but I know you don't care anymore. Why would you, right?

    Pain is all I felt in my heart when you say those five words and made me fall apart

''I'm in love with Eleanor''

    My heart fall to my stomach, my soul was broke when I heard those five words coming off your mouth, your voice ....

''I'm in love with Eleanor''

    You know something,  I don't blame her because I'm 1000% sure that she fall in love with you for the same reason I did .... you're charismatic, magnetic, electric .... you're this kinda of mix of a man that can't be more perfect because that's impossible!

    I remember when I met you, it was so clear that you were the only one for me .... we both new right away and as years passed by things got more difficult and we face more challenges but as long as we were together we could get through anything, remember?

    I'm begging you to stay, try to remember what we had at the beginning .....


Louis is breathing so heavily, he can't contain the anger that's growing inside of him. He wants to punch somebody right now, no let's say that again he wants to punch Marco right now! He places the letter back with the others and grabs the next one which seem to be letter #97 ....


    It's been a while since that last time I wrote you a letter. I don't really know what to say, I mean I don't think you care about me anymore! How could you forget? How could you just wake up one morning and says to yourself 'I don't love Harry anymore because I love Eleanor'?

    You know all there 4 months my best friend has been a razor and my iPod. I got addicted to this twisted for of art on my skin. The tattoo ink and my body used to be my way out but now my only way out is a razor and my skin, they match so perfectly! I've not feel good during this pass weeks bit I didn't care until I saw a yellow spot on my lower back, how the fuck I saw it? I don't know, well actually Kellie the girl who design the clothe asked me what was it and I didn't know so I went to the doctor and well he .... he told me I'm sick, I have leukemia. I know it's surprising but yep I have leukemia, but don't worry I won't bug you with my problems anytime soon ....


Without wasting anytime Louis opens the next letter ....


    They tell me not to cry and to be string for the fans, but how can I put a wall so high and force a smile on my face when the reason for my happiness has just been taken away and now he's in love with someone else?

    ''You will see him again'' they told me to just get over it and move on, but how can I get over and move on when I'm not even a person whose know how to be strong?


He can't believe what he's reading, he knew Harry wasn't strong but he never thought Harry could be so weak. Now he feels more guilty than ever, he kinda knew it was his fault but now it's crystal clear that it's his fault. He tries not to cry as he reads the letters but it's impossible, he grabs the next letter and begins to read ....


    I have cried over you so much, I think I have enough tears saved up to fill the whole ocean .... that scares me because my biggest fear is drowning

    But I drown in thoughts of you every single day so I guess if I drown at least I'll go down with in my mind constantly on replay ....


Louis can't stop his sobs, he's crying so hard that it's making want to throw up. Eleanor is watching him from the other side of the waiting room, she doesn't know exactly what's happening but she knows it's Larry related!


Vas Happenin? *Zayn's Bradford bad boi accent*

I'm so excited ^.^ the fan fiction is coming to an end, next chapter is the last one of Harry's letters and after that I'll write a few more chapter before the epilogue :) Thank you to every single one of you how always take the time to read and comment on this fiction. Special thanks to oneeeedeeeeeee for always comment on this I love you to death! Once again I'm using some of @larrypoet work so credits to her for that, follow her on Instagram, she amazing you won't regret it! Thanks so much for +2k views YOU GUYS ROCK! As always (and hopefully) new chapter is coming out tomorrow or Monday, so don't forget to come back and check it out! Love you to bits, Astrid :)x

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