I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


74. Epilogue

Author's POV

Harry feels nervous, he feels a bunch of butterflies in his tummy like if they're having a wild party. He can hear the beat of his heart on his ears. He looks around him and smiles, he knows that God blessed him with everything he has and he's grateful for that. He closes his eyes and tries to control himself but it worthless, his body starts to shake and every single bond on his body has become jelly. As he takes some deep breaths he can hear his own heartbeats, he knows today is a special day for him, for the lads and for their fans. Two years had pass by, he started remembering things when he had the conversation with Louis. He remembers everything, he remembers been in the band, his friends, his family, his boyfriend. He remembers everything! One Direction took a break when Harry's accident occurred but today they back on stage. They're back to the place where they can be themselves and make happy hundreds and hundreds of girls who are on the arena screaming the night out ''One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction, One Direction'' it's all that the boys hear from outside of the arena, it's been two long years without releasing an album or a single or a book or even a video diary, it's been two long years without been on stage but after those two years their loyal fans still there supporting them, loving them, going crazy for them like the first year. Almost all of them are girls in their 20's or getting close to their 30's but today they have come to the world's most famous arena to welcome back their idols, to welcome back the 5 boys who save their life, the 5 boys who made them feel proud, beautiful, special,unique during their teen age years. Madison Square Garden is literally on fire right now, every single Directioner is crying and screaming as they wait for their 5 boys to come out on stage. July 23, 2017 will be the date that every Directioner will remember for the rest of their life. The show starts with a clip from boot camp, the part where Simon put them in a group to be specific. All you hear on the arena is cry, laughs, sobs and some screams. The video finishes,  the lights are out, on the background ''Na Na Na'' starts playing, all the fans on the arena go nuts as they hear that sweet melody ''We like na na na, then we like yeah yeah yeah'' all of them scream their hearts out. Liam tries to start his solo but impossible because every single Directioner sing along and he can't hear his own voice, he smiles and let them sing. When the song is over all the fans scream as they hear Harry's voice ''Good night Madison Square Gardeeeeeeeeen!'' He says ''it's a pleasure to be here with you guys .... I just want to say a massive thank you for not giving up on us, for been with us with me in the toughest moments of my life'' Harry cries ''you guys are the biggest bless we could ever have, thank you so much!'' Harry says as he wipes his tears ''Now, going back to the show this next song it's dedicated to all of you .... all of you'' he says and the intro of Diana starts playing, all the girls go nuts, crying, sobbing and singing along to the song.

Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes,
You've been lonely, 
You don't even know me
But I can feel you crying,
Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life
I don't think you even realize baby you'll be saving mine

As the night goes on every single Directioner sings along to every single song, they remember every single lyric of the songs and that makes the boys emotional. Before singing another song Niall takes the time to thanks them ''Thank you so much for having us tonight, we wanted to come back so badly and we knew that we were going to have fans waiting for us but it's amazing to see this place full of people who enjoy our music. When they told us that that the show sold out in less than a minute my heart exploded and that's when I realized that WE STILL HAVE THE BEST FANS IN THE WORLD!'' Niall screams, his scream is follow by some many other screams for the fans ''thank you so much'' he says before ''Kiss You'' starts playing. The concert goes by, everybody is having an amazing time. The last song they sing is the most important song for them because it's the song that made everything happen ''Thank you so much for coming to this concert, is the first one of many'' Zayn says ''we're excited to do new music for you and well to close this amazing evening we'll sing the song that made it happened'' Torn begins to play in the background, all the fans in the arena get excited and emotional all of them sing along.

I thought I saw a girl brought to life
She was warm she came around
She was dignified
She showed me what it was to cry
You couldn't be that girl I adored
You don't seem to know or seem to care
What your heart is for
But I don't know her anymore

There's nothing left, I used to cry
My conversation has run dry
That's what's going on

Nothing's fine I'm torn 
I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn (I'm already torn)
There's nothing left, 
I used to cry
Inspiration has run dry
That's what's going on

Nothing's fine I'm torn
I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying broken on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn

I'm already I'm already torn

Torn Oooh Torn

''Thanks you so much'' Harry says as he walks off stage

He goes to the dressing room, tonight was perfect and he can't ask for more. He stares at himself at the mirror and smile, he knows he's bless to have everything that he has ''Are you okay?'' He hears Louis' voice at the door

'Hey, y-yeah'- he smiles- 'it's j-just it's overwhelming'

'Yeah'- Louis says as he walks toward him

What happened between Louis and Harry you may ask yourself. Well Louis makes Harry fall in love with him every single day.

'Do you want to eat something after we done?'- Louis asks nervously

'Are you asking me on a date?'- Harry jokes

'Maybe'- Louis blushes

'Well, if you're asking me on a date I would love to go'- Harry says smiling

They're enjoying as much time as they can together. Louis knows that Harry needs time and he's willing to wait for me for ever and one more day. Time starts to go by again, One Direction is on top of the world over again. Hit after hit everything is so bright and shine for the band. They're touring all over the world, they're releasing new album, they're making more music videos. People still shipping Larry, people still believe in their love. They know that some how at the end of the road they'll ended up together. They know they'll have their happily ever after like in fairy tales. Harry is in love with Louis, you can't just not fall in love with him. They hadn't confirm their relation in public just because Harry wants to wait, Eleanor isn't Louis' girlfriend anymore, you can imagine how that went after almost getting marry. Niall and Eleanor are living their happily ever after even though they have to hide as well. August 17, 2017 Louis' and Harry's 7th anniversary! Yes seven years had pass by since those two met each other on the toilets, seven years of been together thought the hardest moments in life. Seven years of the most amazing love story ever.

Louis wants this day to be special, he wants to put decoration, candles, rose' petals and all those romantic details. As soon as he can, Louis is in the flat decorating it. He put some candles and rose's petals all over the flat. On their bedroom he puts some petals on the bed in a shape of a heart and some candle to light up the place. He knows Harry will love it. He also cooked a delicious meal that he found on the internet.

'This food is so delicious'- Louis comments- 'thanks god it's not burn .... I was so scared you won't like it'

'It's really good'- Harry fakes a smile

'Everything okay?'- Louis asks curious

'Y-yeah ....'

'I know you so well, tell me what's going on'- Louis interrupts him

'W-well .... tonightIwanttogoallthewaywithyou'- he says fast

Louis blushes, yes Harry and him had been together but not all the way, just some blow jobs or hand jobs but nothing else and Louis is okay with that he's willing to wait for him until he's ready and apparently after 4 years Harry is ready.

'A-are y-you s-sure?'- Louis says nervously

'Y-yes'- Harry blushes

Harry is extremely nervous but he wants this God knows that he wants it so bad. Louis gets up from the table and takes Harry's hand on his, Harry just looks at him confused. ''I have a surprised for you'' Louis whispers to Harry's ear. Harry gets up and Louis covers his eyes, he guides Harry thought the flat until they get to their room

'Can I see now?'- Harry says anxious

'Yeah'- Louis kisses his ear as he takes his hand off Harry's eyes

Harry opens his eyes and a big smile is form in his lips, his eyes watery and he's blushing. 
'It's beautiful'- he says

'Just like you'- Louis strokes Harry's cheek- 'no, you're more beautiful'

And with that Louis puts his lips on Harry's lips. Louis moves his lips slow enough to not scare Harry. Harry feels like a firework is inside his body, he feels butterflies, bugs,bees, all kinda of small animal you can think of. They lips moves in sync, Louis kisses Harry so gently, so soft, so passionate just like first time. Harry starts exploring Louis' body, but for some reason Louis just keeps his hands to himself. Harry brakes the kiss and looks at Louis into his baby blue eyes which are flooded in tears.

'You're so beautiful'- Harry strokes Louis' cheek gently- 'I Love you so much Louis William Tomlinson'

Harry traces every single inch of Louis' face as he tells him how beautiful he is. Both of them want to have that special connection with each other, Louis knew since day one that Harry was going to need time but he didn't mind, he waited for him and now, today it's the day that he and Harry will have that special connection again. Louis stands on tiptoe to kiss Harry on the lips, a smile is form on Harry's lips as he realizes what his boyfriend just did. Louis lifts Harry up as he walks to the bed, he lays Harry on it. Louis brakes the kiss and beings to kiss Harry's jaw line, he moves a little down to his neck leaving love marks along the way. Louis feels Harry's shirt material on his fingertips he stops the kiss and takes Harry's shirt off quickly attaching his lips to Harry's neck as soon as possible. Louis kisses Harry's neck, he goes a little bit farther to Harry's shoulders. He stops when he sees the birds tattoos on Harry's skin, Louis smiles at Harry as he kisses his tattoos. Harry shivers at Louis' touch, Harry strokes Louis' hair as Louis still kissing his tattoos. When he's done with that part he keeps going to Harry's butterfly tattoos for some reason that tattoo turn him on. Louis kisses the tattoo softly as he plays with Harry's nipple. Harry starts moaning which give Louis goosebumps all over his body ''I*kiss* love*kiss* you*kiss*'' Louis says as he starts moving to Harry's happy trial. Louis kisses Harry's happy trail until it's visible, Louis looks at Harry for permission with a seductive smile. Harry nods and Louis unbuttons his pants as he licks his lips ''You're such a teaser!'' Harry says as he sees how long Louis is taking to take his pants off, Louis just smile and keeps doing what he does best. Harry is totally naked but Louis still full clothed ''Clothes off'' Harry says as he takes Louis' shirt off. Harry smiles at himself when he sees Louis' body. Without warming him he attacks with kisses Louis' ''It is what it is'' tattoo. Louis giggles at the touch, Harry loves when Louis giggles he thinks is the most beautiful thing in this world. Harry starts tracing Louis' abs as he kisses his way down to his pants. When he reaches his pants he stops and looks at Louis with an innocent smile. Harry can look so innocent when he wants and there's not way Louis can denies anything to that puppy face. Louis nods and Harry takes his pants and socks off. On the way back to Louis' mouth Harry takes the long way, he starts kissing Louis' foot. He keeps going until he's at Louis' ankle, he keeps going until he gets to Louis' knee. Harry's leaving wet kissing and goosebumps along the way. Harry looks at Louis with an innocent face that Louis can help but giggles once again ''and you said I'm the teaser'' Louis says, a big smile is form on Harry's face and immediately his beautiful dimples show.

'Psst .... psst do you want to know a secret?'- Harry asks

Louis smiles and nods

'Psst ..... psst do still want to know a secret?'- Harry asks again

'Yes'- Louis whispers

Harry moves close to Louis' ear and whispers ''I Love you'' causing Louis a giggle

'Do you want to know another secret?'- Louis asks

'Yes'- Harry whispers once again on his ear giving him goosebumps all over his body

'I Love you too!'- Louis screams loud enough for all the people around their flat can hear him

'That's not a secret'- Harry jokes- 'I knew that since day one, you were a little bit obvious'

'No I wasn't!'- Louis protests

'Yes you were! I remember when you told me everything about me'- Harry looks at Louis- 'you told me things that I didn't even know about myself .... even when I remembered everything about my life I didn't remember what you told me .... I never pay attention to those little things but you did and I'm scared because you know me better than I know myself'

By now Louis' and Harry's eyes are flooding in tears. With his index finger Louis wipes Harry's tears that are coming from his beautiful green eyes. Louis puts his face so close to Harry's that he can hear Harry's breathing. There noses and foreheads are touching ''I Love you'' Louis moans into Harry's mouth and with that they start kissing again. This kiss is so wild, more passionate. Louis brakes the kiss and moves to Harry's butterfly tattoo, he kisses it for a little while as he plays with Harry's nipples. Countless moans escaped from Harry's mouth as Louis pleasures him. With every moan that Louis hears he sucks Harry's skin a little bit harder and harder. Right now, today hey don't care about leaving love bits on each other's skin, Louis is in between of Harry's legs.

'L-louis s-stop t-teasing!'- Harry says breathlessly

'But you have to promise me that you'll tell me if it's to much, okay?'- Louis says as he ghosts his fingers around Harry's lowest part

'Yeah'- Harry whispers

Louis gets the lube and puts a good amount on his fingers making sure that they're all cover. ''Tell me if it's too much, I want this to be good for you'' Louis circles Harry's rim with the pad of his finger, trying to get slick before slipping one inside. He waits, moving his other hand away to lace his fingers with Harry's. Harry gives a little nod, clenching down slightly and Louis pushes one finger in and out slowly. It's warm and soft, and velvety. Louis rotates his finger a little bit before slipping a second one in. His fingers press together tightly,  trying to keep the stretch small at first. He moves slow and steady inside Harry. Louis looks at Harry trying to figure out how he feels. Harry smiles ''I'm okay..... more?'' He breaths slowly, his chest rising and falling Louis mouths at the old scars at Harry's thighs, leaning forward a little as he thrusts deeper with his fingers. He scissors gently, spreading him out before curling them, searching for his prostate. He knows he has find it when Harry's body arches off the bed ''there, please there'' Louis slips in another finger, moving them against Harry's walls, trying to leave secret "I Love you's" there, so that he could always be part of Harry. ''I'm ready. Please, please'' Louis pulls his fingers out, he gets more lube and make sure his cock is all cover and then guides himself into his boyfriend. Slowly he begins to push himself inside Harry, he takes a deep breath and with that he's fully inside him ''You're inside me!'' Harry gasps his eyes widening. It takes everything Louis has to not lose it then, because Harry is warm and soft and tight, and god they're connected, physically joined together the way Louis had always seen them as being. ''I know'' Louis says in awe. He stays like that for a moment, trying to get a hold of himself while Harry adjusts. ''I'm ready, I promise'' Louis leans forward over Harry who locks his ankles behind the older boy's  back. Louis finds Harry's other hand, interlacing the fingers on both of their hands and slowly rolls his hips forward, Harry's head falls into the pillows, curls framing his face beautifully. Louis rocks gently into Harry, pressing kisses onto his cheekbones ''I Love You Hazza'' ''God, love you too'' Harry says, his eyebrows furrowing at how good is. It's sweet and slow but full of force. Louis shifts a little trying to find the right angle, when Harry cries out 'theretherethere' Louis steadies himself. Harry starts to clench around Louis and it's making him go dizzy. He rolls his hips again, pushing Harry further into the mattress with his body. He thrusts his hips forward with more strength making Harry gasps, his head falling back and his mouth going slack. Harry's ankles dug deeper into Louis' spine holding him tight into place. His movements become more shallow and a little quicker. Harry is close, so close and he feels pressure rising inside him as his thighs start to quake and tremble, he knows Louis is getting there too, his timing starting to falter a little as a soft gasp escapes his lips. ''Close'' Louis warms as if on cue. ''Me too'' Harry gives Louis' hand a squeeze before releasing it, instead moving his hand down to jerk himself off, Louis is quicker though placing Harry's hand back up beside his head and instead taking Harry's cock in his own grasp. He flicks his hand up and down, squeezing slightly at the base in time with his thrusts. ''Louis'' Harry gasps loudly, turning his face into the pillow to mouth at it and with that he comes, everything going white and blinding as his mind goes black  and his body paints itself with ivory ropes of cum. Harry spasms around Louis, causing to follow fast behind spilling his load deep inside the curly haired boy. Louis collapses on top of Harry, too weak to move for a minute, his chest heaving at the effort.  He can feels Harry's cum growing tacky against his chest. Slowly he pulls out, Harry winced a little and Louis shushes him. Carefully, Louis leans forward again lapping at the puddle on Harry's torso. ''God, Lou! You can't just do that'' Harry protests because God, if he isn't so spent that might have been enough to make him hard again. Louis just hummus cleaning Harry up with his mouth before delving down to kiss him, letting Harry taste himself. ''You're so perfect, even the way you taste is perfect'' Louis keeps kissing Harry's body until he's at Harry's lower part again. ''W-what are y-you ....?'' Harry trails off when Louis' warm wet tongue traces around his rim. He gasps squirming on the bed, not to get away, but to try to get the sensation to change, he's still so sensitive. Louis kitten licks at the cum drizzling out of Harry's hole before pushing his tongue inside, pointing as best as he can. ''Louis!'' Harry groans biting the pillow once more. Louis lavished over his skin, nipping at the sensitive entrance before pressing kisses to it. Louis kisses up Harry's taint, his lips ghosting over his balls before kissing the scarred thighs again ''You're so beautiful ...... so beautiful'' Louis says, kissing every single faded scar that Harry has in this thighs. Louis kisses his way back to Harry's lips, he makes sure to kiss and leave love bits on every inch of Harry's body. ''I Love you so fucking much'' Louis whispers into Harry's ear ''you're so beautiful, so handsome, so gorgeous, so so amazingly perfect ...'' Louis says, pressing kisses on Harry's neck ''so amazingly perfect'' Harry's body is fill with goosebumps, he shivers to Louis' touch ans sweet words. ''Psst .... psst I Love you to the back and back, a billion times'' Harry says with a big smile on his face. ''Happy 7th anniversary!'' Louis says as he kisses Harry's cheekbones.

'The best seven years of my life'-Harry says, lacing his fingers with Louis'- 'even though I don't know what happened in one of them but I know for sure they've been the best of my life'

'I Love you Harry Edward Styles!'- Louis kisses every single inch of Harry's beautiful face

They make love again. It hurts more than he expects, but Louis is nice, stroking his hair whispering sweet words of encouragement and lovely things to him and takes it slow, letting him get use to the feeling of having something so big inside of himself. When Harry feels like he can take it he tells Louis to move and prepares for the best feeling ever. Louis doesn't disappoint,  he hits Harry's prostate on every thrust, making Harry moans his name every time. ''I Love you .... you're so beautiful so perfect'' Louis says as he thrusts deeper and deeper into Harry.

It looks like their finally having their happily ever after

'Lou'- Harry's whispers into Louis' ear who still sleeping next to him- 'Boo'

'Yeah'- Louis says sleepy


'Huh?'- Louis says confused

'I want to have a family, you, me and three kids'- Harry says smiling

'You, me and three kids?'- Louis repeats

'Yeah .... The Tomlinson-Styles family!'

Harry stays quite for a second thinking about how might feel to be pregnant,  he bets it's the best feeling ever.

'Are you okay?'- Louis asks

'Yeah, just thinking how it might feel to be pregnant'- he smiles

Louis giggles trying to contain his laugh' 'We will never be able to know that'' he says as he pulls Harry into a hug.

'I know, but .... our kids I want them to have our blood .... yours and mine'- Harry whispers

'How are we gonna do that?'

'Well, I've been thinking to ask Gemma if she can have them for me'- Harry smiles

'Gemma?'- Louis asks

'Yeah, she's my only sister ... and that's the only way that our kids will have our blood'- Harry explains

'Oh, well I guess we can talk to her'- Louis says kissing Harry's jaw line


''Hey beautiful''

'Hello Gemma'- Louis greets her

'Hi'- she says looking at them- 'what's going on, you guys aren't so nice with me often'- she jokes

'Come on! We're nice to you Gem!'- Harry protests

'Well, I just have this feeling that something is up, so what's up?'- she says sitting on the couch

'Well .... hmm'

'Harry and I want to ask you if you can have our babies'-Louis says like if there's not tomorrow

'Wait, what? Rewind!'- Gemma says confused

'Louis and I want to have a family'- Harry looks at Louis, their eyes are so watery, they can barely see- 'and we were wondering if you can have them .... as you know I can't get pregnant'- Harry jokes

Gemma sees the excitement on their eyes, she can't say no. She can see that both of them want this so bad and she just can't say no.

'I would like that .... but are you guys ready for that? I mean you two are in the biggest boy band in the world, as weird as it soon but it's true, having kids will occupied all your time ... I'll do it but I just want you two to know everything that takes to be parents'

'We all that, and we want to do it, I want to have a family'- Louis says giving a warm smile to Harry

'Well, I'll do it'- Gemma says with a big smile on her face

Harry and Louis hug Gemma,  they scream little girls who kust got their Christmas presents. Louis goes to the kitchen leaving Harry and Gemma alone in the living room

'You know that you guys have to come out if you want to start a family, right?'- Gemma says in a serious tone

'We don't need to'

'Oh really, and what are you guys gonna say when they ask you, oh why do you a family together if you're just best friends?'- Gemma asks-' Harry, if you really want to start a family it's better to do it the right way .... it's better if everything begins with the true'

Harry is nervous like when they went back to stages, he feels his heart beating on his ears, he feels thousand and thousand of butterflies on his tummy. He knows the their life won't be the same after this,  he knows that after all everything they went through everything is worthy because of this moment. Louis walks next to him and holds his hand trying to comfort him.

'Are you ready?'- Louis asks in a sweet tone

'Yep, a little bit nervous'- Harry confesses

'Yeah, I know I'm nervous too'- Louis tries to smiles

'Let's do this'- Harry says walking to the press conference's room

''Hello, thank you for coming to this press conference'' he looks around him seeing all this people staring at him.

'We're here today because I'm tired of pretending .... pretending to be someone that I'm not, I'm tired of pretending that I don't love a person with everything I have just because of what people might think or says' He pauses and looks at Louis who's sitting next to him- 'we know that not all of you will accept this but it is what it is and we're tired of hiding who we really are ....'

Harry grabs Louis hand and holds it tight, everybody in the room start gasping and whispering.

'I fall in love with the most amazing human being that there it's alive .... he's my soul mate, he's the person that make me be the most ''me'' that I can possibly be, he's my light in the darkness,  he's the reason why I'm alive today ...'- Louis says looking at Harry with the sweetest look he has ever look at someone- 'and I love him .... but the most amazing thing is that he loves me back'

Louis strokes Harry's arm. Everybody in the room starts asking question about how everything happened or why they never say anything about it before.

'You know how the market is ... and you're scared, you just want to do what you love the most  even if that requires to sacrifice yourself or what you actually feel....'- Harry answers without stop looking at Louis' crystal blue eyes

'And I want to say something.... I want to thank every single person how believed in us, Larry shippers that's what they call themselves, you guys are the most amazing people I have ever meet, I don't know all of you personally but I know that you guys supported us since day one. I want you guys to know that I appreciate everything you guys did and still do. Thank you so much for supporting a love that wasn't even your, I just want you know that with your support you help us to get closer and closer to our freedom, thank you so much!'- Louis says

And with that both of the boys get up and leave the room. The press wants to asks more question and know more about it but that's everything that the boys has to say.

''We did it'' Harry says as he jumps into Louis' arm

'Yeah Hazz, we did it'- Louis says crying

'Hey, don't cry! You know I hate seeing you crying'

'I'm just excited that we're finally free'- Louis kisses Harry's lips passionately

''Keep it P-G guys'' they hear a voice and brake the kiss

'Gemma!'- Harry protests

'Are you two okay?'- she asks as she hugs them

'Yeah .... we're free, Gem!'- Harry says crying- 'thanks to you'

'No, actually it's because you two stayed brave'

'Bravery'- Louis whispers

After that people didn't take it so bad, I mean the majority of them already knew about it. Twitter explodes with Larry hagtags,  every single Larry shipper is happy because finally their boys are free and everything that they went through it's worthy because of this moment.

Two months has pass by, everything seen calm and normal in Louis' and Harry's life. Louis wants to surprised Harry with the engagement ring, he wants to be marry to the most amazing man in this world. February 14, 2018 Valentine's day, Louis has everything ready for the big surprised. A delicious dinner under the stars on the roof of their flat.

'Babe, I'm home!'- Harry says as soon as he gets inside the flat

Louis runs downstairs to greet his boyfriend who's been working on his own music for a while now.

'Hello, beautiful!'- Louis jumps into Harry's arms

'Hi gorgeous'- Harry kisses Louis- 'Happy Valentine's day'

'I have a surprised for you'- Louis says as Harry puts him back on his feet

'Really? .... I also have a surprised for you'- Harry says

'You have some sexy women's underwear under those clothes?'- Louis jokes

'Louis!'- Harry laughs- 'maybe .... but that's not the surprised, come on!'

'No, I have a surprised for you on the roof'- Louis says pulling Harry to the roof

'The roof?'- Harry wonders

'Yeah, the roof! Let's go'- Louis guides him to the door- 'now, I need to cover your eyes'

Harry doesn't even fight with him, he just let Louis do whatever he has to do. Louis guides him through the roof until they're where Louis wants them to be ''Open your eyes'' Harry opens his eyes and sees the beautiful city lights ''look up there!'' Louis says pointing at the sky

'This is so beautiful'- Harry whispers into Louis' ear

'You're more beautiful!'- Louis kisses Harry's lips

They kiss for a little while, gently and slow.

'Come, that's not everything!'- Louis says as he guides Harry to the table- 'this time I took more time to cook it and I practiced before so I know it has to be good'

'Everything that you do is perfect!'- Harry hugs Louis from behind

Louis serves the dinner and some white wine. Harry sees the happiness in Harry's eyes and he knows that can't ask for anything else if he's able to see that smile everything single day for the rest of his life. After dinner Louis kneels on one knee, smiling he interlaces his fingers with Harry's.

'Since the day I met you I knew you will be the most important person in my life, I knew that not matter what we will ended up together .... you actually taught me how to love, you taught me that soul mates actually exist in this world .... I bless the day that God decided to make you and put you on my way. Everything I said that day we came out it's true .... I fall in love with the most amazing human being that there it's alive .... you're my soul mate, you're the person that make me be the most ''me'' that I can possibly be, you're my light in the darkness,  you're the reason why I'm alive today and I want to spend forever with you ....'- he takes out the little black box and drops the question- 'I know we don't need any paper from the hall but.... would you do my the honor to marry me?'

Without answering Harry just kisses Louis. Their lips meet in a soft, gently but passionate kiss, Harry brakes the kiss and smiles

'Yes ..... a billion % yes!'- He says looking at Louis into his crystal blue eyes

They just stay there, looking at each other, Louis feels like he's the luckiest man alive.


''Are you ready?'' Harry says nervous. He looks at his sister who tries to smile but he knows that she's nervous too.

'Yeah .... I'm nervous'- she confesses

'Me too'- Louis says

Gemma, Harry and Louis are in the doctor's office to do the treatment so Gemma gets pregnant. ''Hello'' a voice comes in as soon as somebody opens the door

'Ms. Styles, Mr. Styles and Mr. Tomlinson'- the doctor greets them

After saying their hello's, the doctor explains to them everything that he's going to do, Gemma smiles nervously.

'So are you ready?'- the doctor asks to Gemma

'Y-yes'- Gemma barely says

They go to a small room where everything is ready, Gemma looks around she smiles at Harry and Louis as she lays o the bed.


''I'm pregnant!'' Gemma says as soon as she's inside of the flat


'I'm pregnant!'- she repeats

Louis, Harry and Gemma screams like little kids on Christmas day.

'I'm 6 weeks pregnant and apparently they're twins!'

Louis jumps on Harry's arms ''they're twins!'' He says excited

'Yeah Boo, they're twins!'-Harry hugs him tight

'We have to start to think about the names!'


''Harry we have to go to the hospital'' Gemma yells in pain

'Harry, get the things Im going to get her to the car'- Louis says taking Gemma in his arms

The due day is 2 days away but Gemma is having contractions, they go to the hospital as soon as possible.

'Are you okay, Gemma?'- Louis strokes her hair

'Yeah, this .... is painful'

'We want three'- Harry jokes

'Let me g-get this two o-out and then we t-talk about that'- Gemma says yelling

As soon as they get there the doctors take Gemma to a room. Louis and Harry go with her, they don't want to miss anything. ''Okay Gemma,  I gonna need you to push'' the nurse says after hooking her up to the heart monitor. Gemma pushes, Louis and Harry are her side, one on each side. ''One more push, the first one is coming Gemma!'' The doctor says. Gemma pushes once again, a cry fill the quite room. Gemma starts laughing uncontrollably ''let me see'' Harry says. It's a beautiful baby girl, they didn't want to know the sex until they're born. ''She's so small'' Louis says taking her in his arms. ''Hi Erin!'' Louis smiles like an idiot the whole time ''she looks like you'' Harry says hugging them. ''No, she looks like us'' Louis corrects him. Gemma screams, it's a signal that the next one is coming ''guys, give me yours hands'' Gemma says in pain.  Gemma pushes 4 times before the baby come out, it's a beautiful boy. ''Look at him! He's so beautiful!'' Louis says to Harry ''hello Toby!'' Harry says smiling at the baby in front of him.

'Are you okay, Gemma?'- Louis walks to her side

'Yeah, wow that's a lot of work'- she jokes

'We want three, remember?'

'Give me a break!'- Gemma laughs- 'let me see them'

Gemma gets both of them I her amrs and smiles

'Lord! They're so beautiful!' Gemma says in tears


'Can we go home? I hate hospitals'- Gemma says covering her nose

'You two are the same!'- Louis points at Gemma and Harry

'Hey'- Harry protests

'Let's go home!'


A year had pass by, Erin and Toby are growing up so fast, they come on tour with the guys all the time. Perrie and Zayn got marry and had a beautiful baby girl named Spencer. Niall and Eleanor got marry a few months ago, she's pregnant with twins. Liam, well Liam is back with Danielle. They're doing everything to make it work. Liam never stop loving Danielle, neither did she so they gave another chance to their happiness. Everybody seen to have their happily ever after and for right now that's everything that matters to them.

''You know that I Love you with everything I have, right?'' Louis hugs Harry from behind

'Shh ... it took me forever to put them to sleep'- Harry says looking at Erin and Toby who are sleeping on the bed

'You three are the biggest bless in my life'- Louis whispers bto Harry's ear giving him a kiss after

'I Love you Lou!'- Harry whispers turning around to face him

'I Love you more!'- Louis kisses him gently

Everything that they went through was worthy after all, they're together, they have a beautiful family and the most important thing they have support from the most amazing fans in the world who were with them since day one and that's everything they could ask for .....

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