I Will Wait For You

Two people fall deeply in love, but for society is wrong because they are two boys. They did really care about society, until they knew how people could react to their relationship. They are part ofthe biggest boy band at the moment so they can't really say 'I'm gay!'
That was their secret, until one of them got to his breaking point. Where he couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't see the love of his life with another person(That's when Eleanor Calder come along), but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was that Louis forgot everything he felt for Harry. From soul mates to strangers in no time. Harry knew that his soul mate still feel something for me, so he decide to wait. He will wait for him for ever and one more day. But what will happen when Harry gives up? Will Louis regret everything that he didn't do with his soul mate? Will they have the change to be together again like at the beginning?


8. A Stranger In Our Lives

Harry's POV

Eleanor's audacity made me hate her even though when I hadn't met her yet. She acted flirtatiously with Louis and that killed me. I wanted to kill her so bad.

"So, what you guys want to do! I want to know you more!" She said with her little girly voice.

"By you you mean us right?" I asked with an arrogant attitude.

"Yes, you two!" she pointed at us.

"Well...." Louis tried to calm the situation. "Lets go eat and we can talk," He said looking at me.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked to Eleanor.

"Where you want to go!" she pointed at me.

"Do you like Italian food?" I played her game.

"Yeah, we can eat that." She smiled.

"Well, lets go then!" Louis said grabbing my hand We went to a Italian restaurant.

Louis and I sat on the same side of the table and she sat in front of us. Her smiled never disappear of her face, which made me a little bit nervous.

"So what do you guys like?" She asked looking at us.

"I like Louis!" I answered immediately.

"And I like Harry!" Louis followed my game.

I know it was a little bit mean but I had to make sure that she understood that Louis is mine.

"I like that!" She drank a little of her coke,

"So what do you like?" Louis asked interested.

I looked at him like "what the fuck?", he just laughed when he saw my face.

"I love fashion!" she smiled.

"Like any other girl." I whispered.

Louis nudged me in the ribs, and smiled.

"Come on Haz! Give her a change." Louis said a serious tone. "It's not her fault."

"Why are you doing this?" I asked interested.

"I need the money!" She said embarrassed. "I'm not the luckiest girl in the world. " She looked at the ground. "My grandfather is really sick, he needs a surgery but we can't afford it."

I saw tears running down her cheeks I felt sorry for her, She began to cry. My heart froze, I didn't expect that. I looked at Louis, without thinking I approached her and hugged her.

"It's okay!'" I pat her back. "I'm sorry."

I really felt sorry for her, that's when I understood that I didn't have any reason to hate her.

"I'm sorry guys!" She wiped out her tears. "So what else do you like to do?"

We had a good time talking, I no longer spoke with sarcasm. I really felt bad for her. She was a nice person, She sacrificed herself for her grandfather. Although being with Louis is not a sacrifice She seen nice, hope management wont change her. After that we went to the park. We walked around and a few fans talked to us. She stepped at the side and waited there until we finished.

"Every day is like this?" She asked looking around.

"Yeah! But we love it." Louis said smiling.

"Yeah, they are the best fans in the world." I said proud.

"So if you guys were not in One Direction, what would you be doing right now?" She asked interested.

"We would be at my house in Holmes Chapel." I smiled. "We would live together like right now but it would different because we wouldn't have to hide," Louis smiled at me.

"So how you guys met?" She smiled.

"At the X Factor toilet!" We both said at the same time.

We all laughed

"Wow." she said surprised. "You know, I ship you guys!" She whispered.

"What!?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, I ship you guys, since I saw you two in the X Factor." She looked at the ground. "I wasn't a big fun of the band, sorry about that,  but I could totally see something happening there."

"Really?" Louis asked excited.

"Yeah, you have to be blind to not notice it." She whispered again.

"As a bromance or romance?" I laughed,

I had to ask her that!!!!

"As romance." A smile grew on her face. "I wish someone can look at me the way that you guys do, or smile at me like that. " She paused. "You love is in another level, you guys just go beyond anything."

I could hold the tears, her words went to the depths of my heart. She looked at me and smiled

"Now, I believe that love can do anything." She looked at us. "You guys are the proof."

I looked at Louis and he was crying too. I never expect that Eleanor could be so nice, I judged her before knowing her



Author's Note: 


Vas Happenin'? Well what do you think about Harry's change? Good idea? Bad idea? Thank you to every single one of you who are reading the fan fiction!! Means the entore world for me!! Love You, Astrid :)x




"If we have each other, we can get through this."

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