The Painful Lust



2. Why did that have to happen?

Harry's POV 


"You can talk to me through the door if you want Harry…" she said. I heard her body slither down the door. Then heard a bump on the ground. I sat down by the door and started to think. Then I got an idea. "Let's play 50 questions!" "50? Isn't it 20?" She asked. "Yeah but I want to know all about you…" I explained. "Fine. Hit me!" She said. We played the game and I learned so much about her. She didn't ask me any questions so I'm guessing she's shy. "Ok your turn…" I said. "Grr…Ok…Why me?" I explained why in 2 words. "Your perfect…" I smiled. "To you!" She talked back. "Your the perfect girl for me. Your good…I'm bad…Opposites attract." I talked back. I heard her get up and unlock the door. She opened it a crack. "Those eyes…" I whispered. She looked at me. "Your eyes! There beautiful." Her cheeks turned pink. She opened it all the way. I stepped so close to her I could feel her breath. "Your beautiful…" I said and kissed her. I felt her hesitate for a second then ease into the kiss. Her arms were around my neck. One of mine were on her waist and the other behind her neck. It was the loudest bells, the brightest fireworks, and the biggest spark. It was…perfect. I felt her start to pull away. Soon her lips were 6 inches from mine. "I'm sorry…I just…I'm scared…" she said and ran off. I tried catching her but it was no use. Why did that have to happen?

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